ARRSE Gathering oooooop Norf!!!! Venue Suggestions Required.

Where should ARRSE Ooop Norf be?

  • Newcastle?

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  • Blackpool?

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  • Manchester?

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  • Carlisle?

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  • Liverpool?

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  • Leeds?

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  • Edinburgh?

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  • York?

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  • Nottingham?

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  • Somewhere else [please post suggestion]?

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Well, some of you have been asking, or stating your thoughts, as to where the ARRSE Gathering Oooop Norf should be.

So here you go, I have posted a bunch of suggestions for you to vote on. I know I probably won't have covered all the bases as you can only put in so many voting options. So any further suggestions gratefully received as long as its NORTH of the Midlands. Apart from maybe Nottingham thats not a bad night out.

Once we have a fair number of votes we'll take it from there and decide a date - though off the top of my head I was thinking the end of September or October.

BTW Munky insisted that Belfast be included but its too late now to change the voting options - SO DO YOU FANCY BELFAST THEN????
What abt Sheffield? We can all stay with Lairdx who's been conducting some - ahem - "research" up in the university there. And the boozers and clubs are outstanding.
It's got to be Edinburgh!

Come up mid-August during the Festival, blag your way into the Tattoo and then perv over all the foreign eye candy in the Grassmarket boozers.

And a lot of these boozers have a late licence till 0500. Stagger out, grab a quick kebeb and hey presto! The Penny Black opens at 0600!

It's an ARRSE heavy drinkers paradise :D :D :D :D :D
watertight said:
MrPVRd said:
Since when is Nottingham or Liverpool Oop North?
What a stupid question. Get a map and watch some weather forecasts......meanwhile up in the NORTH West, Liverpool etc etc
It's a state of mind. Anything North of Trafalgar Square is Coronation Street as far as I'm concerned.

Preston. It's on the main line to everywhere, quite central and the pubs are a stones throw from the train station. Oh, and fantastic curry houses too :)
Leeds is indeed a top night out, easy travel, cheap beer (in the right places), cracking scenery. Chav's are not a problem, most clubs have a halfway decent dress code. Pays to stay clear of the student haunts and there are a few nutters knocking around but it's now pretty decent with all the CCTV around. Bloody good food available as well, anything from Italian to Lebanese to Korean (plus a few kebab houses).
Right Tosspots, as it stands right now, according to the votes above and UNLESS THERE IS A HUGE OUTBURST OF PENT UP RAGE, it looks like Edinburgh again.

I only hope there will be more than FOUR of youse frigging lot this time.

I am proposing that we convene the extraordinary meeting of the Scottish and Northern ARRSE Chapter of Feckwits, Goat botherers and Air Defenders on Saturday 1st October.

Any problems, please feel free to whine here.
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