ARRSE for Mobile / PDA Users

Good CO

We have just produced a version of the site for PDAs and mobile phones, and users of these should automatically be sent to this.

This is currently only for the Forums, Personal Messages and the key Account pages. I've attached a picture.

There are likely to be 2 problems:

1) People accessing the site normally will be mistakenly sent to the stripped down phone site.

If this happens, please let me know your browser and operating system and where on the site it happened (Gallery, blogs etc) and I will cure it ASAP -

2) People accessing on mobiles just get the same unusable huge pages as normal users. Same drill - let me know with as many details as possible please.

The theme is totally 'in-house' and as we're not experts there will be bugs. To make matters worse I don't have a gucci mobile or PDA so can't be a regular test user. Therefore mobile users, please use this thread to list your problems and wishes. Which other pages need to be mobile-fied? Which feaures that I've cut do you miss and want back? etc etc.

I'll post a pic of what I'm talking about in a moment.

Good CO

By the way, all can see this by selecting ManPack on the theme select box on the front page BUT you'll need to close and reopen your browser to get back!
Tried that , and deleted cookies and I'm still here in manpack?

I seem to be missing the "my account" button to edit myself back into the worksafe scheme?

Good CO

Warning to PDA users - do not permanently change your theme to ManPack in "My Account". It *should* automatically work when you use your PDA.

I know that there will be problems to start with - this is very much a development version.
Thanks , that worked :D


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I am at home using a Mac with OSX and the Safari browser and the site is vitually unusable. It looks like someone drew it on lined paper as a homework project and is visually very unpleasant to the point of driving one away.

Good CO

One bit of key info missing - did you choose the pda theme or did it happen automatically? ie does the system think you're a pda user when you're not?

If you're givin feedback about it in general having chosen to test it, then you will hate it when looking at it on a full size screen - its meant for resolutions of up to 300 pixels wide and is best at 240. Have a look at the picture I've attached above.
I'm getting the PDA version everywhere on the site, except for the reply box that has just shown up with my normal scheme (will let you know if this has solved the problem).
Using a Mac, OSX, getting the same probs in FF, Opera and Safari.
Quite frustrated!! :plotting:

Oh and didn't chose the scheme, it just happened when opened ARRSE this evening.
Oh, since posting the above in Safari can now see the site in the correct way on there, but no joy with FF... Which is a bugger because that's the browser I use!

Good CO

I've turned off the PDA theme for the moment. Could those that have had problems please go here though and post the info in the middle of the page:

This is the info that out server sees when you use the site and I have to make it decide which theme to show on this.

If anyone is still having trouble because of a hangover from earlier go here to restore normality:



Thanks for your help and patience Mac people!
Wahey, the link changed the scheme back to the way it should be.

Which info do you need GCO? I just see a page of bumf with no area to post anything into!
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070312 Firefox/

Is that the stuff you want?

Anything else you need?

Edited because I posted something completely wrong the first time!

Good CO

That's it - thanks for the help. The "PPC" had confused things. More homework for me!

Good CO

That should now be sorted and the auto-detect is back on but hopefully not persecuting mac users. Wait out....
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