Arrse for iPhone?

Nope it's not difficult, it requires about 7 minutes to figure out how to use RSS feeds to follow arrse :)
I keep promising ARRSE for mobile devices and it is under way. Watch this space for a bit longer.


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I've tried using a blackberry to read arrse, but can never get it to load the 2nd or subsequent pages of a thread. A mobile Arrse would be nice
Unfortunately, when there are lots of quotes it becomes rather difficult to read, especially on a blackberry. Even a streamlined version would go down well I think and money could be made for Arrse in the respect of paying £1.99 and offering some limited advertising space.
I think that if anything liike this ws to be done it should suit both the blackberry and iPhone. I expect that lots of people in the forces have either one (maybe as a ''good'' idea to organise ones hectic schedule'

Sorry if that sounded pretentious/waltish/dickheadish but you must excuse me; I am rather new to this whole thing
It doesn't need its own app, but a small screen friendly and slow-connection-friendly site would be good. I have an android phone with an excellent browser, pinch zoom and so on and I find it a bit awkward and slow to read ARRSE, especially if on 3G or GSM. For people on blackberrys and so on it's a real pain. Many blackberries don't have 3G for a start.
Also on android, and it can be a pain. It's page size more than anything else though
I have no problems using it on my phone *smug smug smug* but then, I have a Palm thingamajig.

I told you - don't expect technical from me... 8)
Evil_Adjutant said:
I have no problems using it on my phone *smug smug smug* but then, I have a Palm thingamajig.

I told you - don't expect technical from me... 8)
Fully agreed. Anyone who uses an iPhone or a Blackberry deserves the limitations they have brought upon themselves. My Nokia (5800 XpressMusic) shows my Arrse perfectly well, though ArrseLite (without those tiresome signature blocks for starters) would be good for the times when I have a slow connection (more on my extremely fragile dii than on my phone).
Works great on my Nokia N900. Exactly the same as the main site it is. Those that want to read Arrse on their mobile, will most likely have a modern phone capable of this wont they?
Works well on iPhone for me on wifi. Bit small on the screen but have good eyesight and can work the zoom.

Glad I found this thread before I started my own and/or PM'd the COs.

I've just made the decision to start writing apps for Android (proud owner of a brand new X10 - balls to you, Apple!) and thought that something to make ARRSE mobile-friendly could be a perfect re-introduction to coding.

Good CO - you say that an App isn't necessary, and I can see where you're coming from. However, I'd still like to have a crack at doing something. My initial thoughts include:

Streamlined display - text formatted for a mobile screen, without enough colour and pictures (avatars, logos) to make it interesting without making it difficult to navigate.

Simple posting and account-management - login credentials stored in the app so you don't have to rely on your browser and cookies, and a cleaner interface that uses the phone's text boxes, radio buttons, etc. to interact with the site instead of website forms.

Basic RSS-like notifications - little pop-ups in the device's status bar for new PMs, tracked thread replies, or other (user-defined) instances.

Linked contacts - many people on ARRSE seem to know each other on the outside. My X10 allows you to link a contact to their Facebook or Twitter account, and I'd like to do something similar for ARRSE accounts so you can track your mates' recent posts.

If it takes off it could well be portable to an iPhone. I don't intend to charge for its creation, and I'd want to make it free on the Market with a note for people to donate directly to H4H or whoever. Would save the money coming directly to me and then having to go on to the charity - no middle man (particularly with the organisational skills of mine) :)

If you think this is a goer please let me know. I'm not 100% certain on how much support I'd need from you guys in terms of back-end site knowledge, and am going on the assumption that I can get most of the necessary from looking at any HTML/CSS.
Hi Bruno,

I'd love to see this done. If I had the time I would be interested in haviong a crack, but it's just not going to happen.

I'd need to be careful with the access obviously - I can't just send you the database, but I don't think you would need it, just an XML feed of some sort. Let me know what and I'll set it up. I'm working on moving us to vbulletin at the moment so it may be worth a look on their forums tos ee if anyone has already done anything like this - either an actual app, or the feed needed for one.

If you want to get together at any point to talk tech, let me know. It looks like you're 'in the west country' and I think I know where from the email. We're in Exeter so easy to do.

BTW I'm also an Android user (brother) :) , as is BCO


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Works fro me too on iPhone. Just turn it sideways.

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