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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Yellow_Devil, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. We all know and love this glorious website, but are foreign armies similarly lucky?

    Do the French have an online "brasserie NAAFI" or the Spanish a "cerveceria NAAFI"?

    In other words, do foreign soldiers have an internet equivalent to ARRSE? I'm aware of, but any others?
  2. for aussies - 'closed site' though, or firebase, not been there tough.
  3. Here's the official Danish Army Operational Command forum:

    It's not very exciting though.

    My unit has it's own forum too, but since there's only about 10 users it's not very exciting either.

    I'd stick with ARRSE if I were you.

  4. By Jingo, that's probably the only content in the world duller than the official Bundeswehr forum.
  5. Just curious, do you speak/read Danish? You are quite correct though.

    Is the Bundeswehr forum really that bad?

    Got a link?

    Here's the Irish forum:
  6. Let's all 23,000 of us hijack the Bundeswehr site with our BS! Log on using our ARRSE user names! Fcuk, we could have a great laugh!
  7. We have "Desantura.Ru" forum:
    The forum is run by former VDV and Spetsnaz troops, and it has many current and former soldiers from various units exchanging information. It's dedicated to history, units, operations, current issues, rumours, etc. In my opinion, it is the most professional, informative and accurate source of information about Russian airborne and special operation forces.
    If you understand Russian you will find lots of interesting stuff in there.
  8. Very interesting indeed Sova-4
    is unnoficial and started by the "equivalent" of your TA/Reserves, but covers "regular" armed forces, history, medics, legal, etc area as well.

    and then, there's the portal (as a collection of links, sorted by subject), that links to some other forum as well as to geopolitics, magazines, history, etc websites.

    it's practically all in Spanish, so just PM if you'd like some translation/clarifications on any topic.

  10. Not only is it very official, but it's even duller if you don't speak Danish!

    As for the Canadian site... my avatar pops up there now and again... It's tame in comparison... I got a wrap on the knuckles for writing "Hard-on". They're good blokes though, and a high percentage seem to have seen action and I know for a fact that some of them have lurked here.... and may even be lurking now... so come on... make yourselves known.
  11. It is run by over zealous "DS" who crack down on anything that looks like banter before it even starts. There is also IMHO much political slant by the owner of the site posting articles on the front page by the political pressure group that he seems to be affiliated with.

    Comparing it to Arrse is a massive stretch.
  12. A touch unfair- have you read Armynet recently? :sleepy: