ARRSE Flutters


My experience thus far has been that the entire thing is corrupt as ****. Everyone is on the fiddle from the breeders to the trainers to the bookies to the jockeys.
I certainly agree, a girl I was seeing at Ludlow in the 80’s her cousin was selling drugs to the jockeys and even before a horse set a hoof on the track it had already been decided who was going to win!
The week before I got off the bus at Gib bks I won 400 off his inside knowledge

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You need to try the small arcade closest to the beach, loads of plastic tat to be had there, also closer to Sarah’s pasties which is a major reason for going to Looe.
We only gamble the 2p coins once a year :) get rid of them at the earliest convenience,
Arcade near the bridge.
Kellys fish and chips if you go to looe
You know, I may be just a tad wide of the the mark but I suspect you may be flogging a dead horse here...

...I think the clue is in the 'was'. ↓↓↓

Perhaps you could double my money instead. Is there an upper limit to how much of my money you can double? I have around £2k in the house just now so if you send me £4k just to prove you can do what you claim to do ...

Just remember, it doesn't pay out until I've received the same amount from your 3 introductions, who each have to provide 3 more introductions.... and so on and so forth. It's a sure-fire winner, dead-cert... you literally cannot lose!

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