ARRSE Flakes

This is probably not the right forum but thought I would drop it here because NAAFI gets quite a bit of traffic

Been playing aorund with something called PageFlakes that allows anyone to create a custom homepage and have done an ARRSE version


It originally came from an idea to keep the MDN fund raising thing current in peoples minds but could be maintained on an ongoing basis

Have a look and if you like it set it as your web browsers home page.

I have checked with the ARRSE site owner on using the logo etc so hopefully there wont be any suprises on that front and if anyone wants anything else putting on it just let me know and I will try and sort it out, its definately a first draft at the moment

If people think it is sh*te I will unpublish it and go and have a lie down

So any thoughts would be appreciated

A very noble idea, but is it really wise to put peoples sort codes, account nos and names on it? Same as on the forum thread on AARSE! This is just asking for some unscrupulous cretin to do some ID theft!
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