Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, May 2, 2005.

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  1. or failing fit user birds, anything with a stenchtrench

    ok lads and lasses, put your nominations for arrse wench of the year in here along with pic. depending on the number of entries I'll set up polls for a knock out type competition

    obviously ladies, the more flesh on show the better

    get putting those pics up then, and lads; grab the stella and a sock
  2. :D

    Vote Snapdragon!

    she is in the gallery!
  3. post a link my man, I dont have the time to trawl through the gallery! (but I do have the time to set up polls for the collective male good)
  4. can u nominate yourself?
  5. Are your backdoors worth banging in then?

    If so please prove it.

  6. No - because you are not me.

    Photos are in the gallery.

    Liz - unless you are over 5'10 - I fcuking win.
  7. wots height got to do with my tits r bigger!
  8. Yeah I think if it's height, then Amazon would win there.

    There's a reason for her moniker there.
  9. Than Dale!!!

    MY tits are bigger.
  10. oi women, stop fookin about and get your pics up/tits out

    get your farkin pics out the gallery and post them in here so we can all see. otherwise Ill go to and find an alternative entrance pic
  11. Because I care. :roll:
  12. But I thought that you guys like us 'fookin about'?
  13. I bet its a bird.
  14. Genuine photos only. I doubt Snapdragon's is.
  15. right ladies, seeing as you either cant be arsed to post pics on here (or more likley, dont know how to) I'll have a trawl through the gallery myself

    unfortunatley this means proper gippin mingers will probaly not even make it in to the group rounds (in the event there arent enough decent entries for the groups I'll accept pics of men in drag for the cav members amongst us)