ARRSE - First POC v Pure Idleness v Lack of Info

Discussion in 'REME' started by baldricksdad, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. As always there seems to be a post or 7 that the author could have answered him/herself by either a little research in the Mil system or speaking to the CoC.

    So we know ARRSE has a wealth of knowledge but am I right/wrong in thinking some are just lazy or possibly the worst informed tradesmen we employ?

    Thoughts please.....oh and I asked CoC on this and they said 'Get back to your desk you idle workshy bag o shite' and there is nothing on MS Web about this :p
  2. Making a post to complain about other peoples post is pointless. A lot of the time its just easier to ask on here, where people are more likely to get an honest awnser.
  3. Or more likely to get the pi*s taken out of them if it is a bone question.

    Most of the posts in this section used be all about the Corps ability to laugh about itself, sadly lacking in humour these days.

    Cheers, Nobby
  4. I don't think discouraging people from posting is the answer, the board is quiet enough as it is. If it's a bone thread say as much, it will soon disappear into obscurity.

    The wankest initial post could still provide the spark for some interesting replies and to be honest this board could do with it.
  5. The near constant changes coupled with a fractured system of disseminating information means it's easy to miss something important. Hard copy AESP's come through months after the published date so you have to go onto TDOL if you suspect something may have changed, hardly a professional way to have to operate.
    KIT magazine and the ES bulletin board alerts work quite well at getting information out though, however the former only comes out quarterly. As for going up the CoC ? Well it can be time consuming waiting for an answer.
    On here is quick, anonymous and may help out a few other people.......