Arrse First Birthday Party

Just a thought, but when is Arrse's first birthday party, and are we all getting together to have a few beers in a location TBD?

Anyone up for it?

I did think of a few ideas, unfortunately, they all tended to end up on an indulgence flight to Cyprus..   ;D

Ok, so we've got a striking redhead already, who's next? ;D
Christ, this site is over run by Gingers ;D

Is this because they can't go out doors without being heckled

Striking readhead.......would rather be rogered by a striking fireman ;D
I think Prodigal would like an apology MDN unless you want me to PM her with what you asked me to keep ssshh earlier..  

You can lick my boots clean later slave boy
If I am to lick your boots, do me a favour & take off yer calipers first. Ill lick the left one but im going nowhere near the one with the built up sole..... ;D


War Hero
Public apology to Prodigal required NOW...
Your right,

Iam truly sorry and overcome with grief that the good lord took it upon himself to give you a ginger barnet ;D
Similar to my mum being a lollipop lady

Big, sticky head & a long thin body ;D ;D ;D
My dear MDN, don't you know how dangerous it is to p*ss off a red head?!! Why do you think femme fatales, warrior queens and witches always have red hair?! In fact, in the bad old days, red hair was supposed to be an indication towards the darker arts - leading to much warming of feet with a roaring fire........

Now then, why don't you find yourself a nice lily pad and go and croak somewhere else........

Sorry Prodigal but there is no reason on earth why copper tops should be allowed to roam the planet

All should be put to death with immediate effect.

We roam the planet, unworthy one, to bring you fire, light and destiny............go in peace and blessed be.......

When I find a blind princess that doesn't mind pressing unmentionable green slimy things to her lips, I'll send her along and you can rejoin the rest of the human race..

Dont look too hard though

Would rather stay here with the slime than be within 200ft of a ginger ;D
doesn't it depend on the ginger?!

I could be really cruel, of course, and cast a Ginger Passion spell on you, so Ginge was all you craved for all eternity.........what do you think, fellas?!! :D
God in his infinate wisdom would never ordain such a thing

He doesn't like gingers either ;D