Arrse Female naked Fighting Championships.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lairdx, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. Whilst chatting with Dozybint earlier we got talking about fighting and I happened to mention how I found the idea of women fighting very erotic.

    Dozybint immediately replied that she loved the thought of fighting other women naked and actually particularly liked the idea of losing although assured me she would fight to win (a bit pervy I know but I thought why not roll with it see what happens.)

    All we need to do is arrange the ultimate female naked arrse fighting championships. We just need a contender to fight Dozy. I wonder if Anya would be up for it?

    I will supply the paddling pool.
  2. And I've got some jelly!!
  3. I'm not sure we should let Anya compete, I have the feeling she could teach "The West Side Boys" a thing or two about brutality.
  4. Green Jelly?
  5. I could put on a girly wig and fight them both naked! Is this WWE style wrestling? I could pin them to the ground for a count of 3, no problems at all :D (I only need till the count of 3)
  6. Something funny happened there, I'm new to this game.

    Back on thread, no it's luminous yellow actually.
  7. red jelly and you may get some more offers although i like DB so it would have to be play fighting if i signed up
  8. Come on gang, how can I turn yellow luminous jelly red before they change their minds.
  9. Have a look for ideas accueil-fightxgirls.html
  10. Ok we'll count you in but to make sure there is no holding back you are fighting Anya. the winners from each bout get to go on to the next stage.

    So far bout 1: Dozybint Vs Ranger Danger
    bout 2: Officers_bird Vs Anya 'The Gob'
    bout 3: Goku (cunningly disguised with a wig) Vs Mrs Lairdx (My fiver's on the mrs)
    bout 4: Blessed Baby Cakes (hand cuffed to make it fair) Vs Lawstudent

    Who else?
  11. Ah. so you did.
  12. Roxy Vs Anya Vs Flowers in a triple threat, Jubbly fest. :D
  13. Beebs, look out for LS special mong licker move

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