ARRSE features on BBC Politics Show from Camp Bastion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunservin, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. For those who missed today's Politics Show which followed coverage of the Remembrance Sunday march past the Cenotaph, it is available on iPlayer here.

    Live from Camp Bastion and with several in-theatre stories, it included interviews with senior officers and politicians (including questions provided by ARRSE members) and addressed many of the issues raised on ARRSE including the provision of adequate aftercare for service personnel. Well worth watching.
  2. Bump while still topical. Any feedback from ARRSE members quoted in the interview with our top man in Afghanistan, General Dutton (whose son also serves in the Royal Marines)?
  3. Obviously, had to catch-up on this some time later in the day.

    I thought the general came across pretty well (although spent a disturbing amount of time looking away/towards the ground). I couldn't pick up too many ARRSErs questions, but he did get posed the one about the mission statement/end state.

    He was pretty clear on the mission statement (suppress insurgency, build up Afghan SF) but lacked a unifying purpose. I don't think he gave an end-state; I suspect that's because he himself doesn't know.

    It was interesting to note he thought it would take about another 4 years for the Afghans to take over. I wonder what the operational performance criteria for readiness will be? Or will it be a Basra-esque 'that's it lads, we're off....?'
  4. I thought he came across well. The military are conflicted, paid by the Govt and expected to maintain order to support a corrupt President, that continues to shaft his own people. It's a thankless task.The military aren't even allowed to publicly state, what a thorn in their side Karzai is to the campaign.

    Tactically, the military need to hold the ground but ISAF need to bring in the strategists to roll out a 'Think national, act local campaign' focusing in on community (housing, living conditions), health and economy - these are the areas that the tribes will agree.

    Start Project Pistachio - a re-forestisation project across the country to replace the poppy yield, with a crop indigenous to the region

    Clean up Karzai - a project to rid the communities of corruption

    Outlaw the sexual violation of men by other men

    And more importantly , clearly state the intentions so success can be measured.
  5. There is at least one member of ARRSE who works on that show... Although he is definitely NOT a journo.
  6. Well written, Sir.

  7. The crop = Pistachio
    (was formally a core crop to the region pre-Russian invasion)

    Corruption, just because it is a way of life, does not make it ok! Making a commitment to 'clean up corruption' would demonstrate a genuine opportunity to improve the quality of life for the people of Afg. Karzai is part of the problem. He is part of the corruption and it is not ok to support that. (see below - clean up corruption, example with Giuliani

    No, not ignoring the fact about the sexual exploitation of women at all, but deal first with the one which has the greater far reaching consequences in the immediate. It is not for me to elaborate on this (but women and men respond differently to violation) other than to ask publicly that the issue is duly addressed.

    Adage: Women are for children, boy is for pleasure.

    Success by the terms of the people of Afg. It is their country we are stabilising under the Bonn Agreement.
  8. The point I was making was in support of the General really, this military strategy will not work unilaterally. They need a bespoke solution tailored to fit the country. It's not impossible - you have outlined in your reply so potential key initiatives. The military need help from other agencies.

    I quite liked the little bloke with his van, who was featured on the bbc news election programming that wouldn't accept any funding from the West. He was very peaceful and well intentioned. Is he the Abdullah fella to which you are referring?
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  10. Another bump before they go on weekend again. It's nearly 10 o'clock on a Wednesday.