arrse fat camp

re that fat bint wanting 23k for a years more fat camp

oakhampton otterburn or sennybridge collection of portacabins and tents sodehxo for catering
couple of pti's.
how hard can it be pt morning and night no shops or transport to shops you want pie and chips its 5 miles there can back knock your self out :twisted:
couple of teachers to do lessons in porta cabins
parents can't bring any food on visits

MOD can even charge the NHS :D


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Yes, but how easy would it be for television crews to access? They need good hotels and catering, after all. As do the therapists, counsellors and psychologists that would also be involved.
But on the whole, excellent idea. Sign me up for a week.
re hot mums hippo type kids chances of them having good looking mums not likey :(
sorry forgot standards of here if its still luke warm usable.

weekly assualt course with mcdonalds as prize
or milling although health and safety maybe a problem (sod it I hate pti's if one gets crushed between two hefalumps tough :twisted: ) mind you some people pay for that sort of thing :evil:
There used to be a very good weight loss camp at Belsan, perhaps our German friends can give us a few tips on how to get the fat chavs back into shape.

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