ARRSE Fair Trader Scheme?????

Ok, bit of an idea rather than an absolute, and one which may well not be very viable, but worth a bit of consideration.

We as a site, have on the books, a hell of a lot of highly skilled personnel, who I assume have since left the forces, and may or may not be working for themselves.

Those who are, are more often than not like me, always on the look out for a contract or job, for want of a better word.

I personally sub contract to many organisations and companies, but always welcome more, and always welcome individual jobs, ie the home owner.

Im talking the basic trades here, such as builders, plasterers, electricians, etc, but this could be open to other services on offer, security for a party etc etc.

I am not thinking of an ARRSE backed group, but a section purely for people to find a tradesman in their area, should they require one.
No ARRSE guarantee, and no come back to the site, just a location to look at, if a member needs a trades person.

I bring this up, as I have recently done a spot of work for an ARRSE member, and it seems a waste of the skills we have on here, for them to not be utilised by the members.

Why pay a local civi company, who more often than not will be over charging for their work, when an ARRSE member who has all the quals etc, could do the work at a rate fitting the membership? or mates rates as I like to call it, or ARRSE rates if you like?

As I say, its just a thought, and I know we have the employment part of ARRSE, but how about a dedicated trades person part as well, by area?

I did try searching but, this was not showing as a separate option, so forgive me if we have it already.

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