• This is a stand-to for an incoming competition, one of our most expensive yet.
    Later this week we're going to be offering the opportunity to Win £270 Rab Neutrino Pro military down jacket
    Visit the thread at that link above and Watch it to be notified as soon as the competition goes live

Arrse Expansion......

Thrilled to see 899 members on the board, Bad / Good CO's , u must be thrilled.

How soon can we drive it past 1000? (Think of the Merchandise Sales)

I think S.O's 4 the weekend, should be to encourage at least one more military mate to sign up, not voyeur.....

1000 up...........Bring it on......

Army - Bitch incessantly (Logo and copyright pending)


I can mention it tonight to the many that will be turning up for Josh's leaving at the pub.

Will give you details on a private msg if you want PTP
Send, Over........
Only 43 now, can't wait for this 1K party.

                         Naked Bar
So are we going to account for those who are running multiple accounts to give themselves new skins??
If the registered members list is correct, then ARRSE currently has 99,296 members. Will we get to 100,000 and what will the celebration be?
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Is 15 year old thread resurrection a record?
The thread title is somewhat misleading
I would imagine that most of the arses of arrsers on this thread will have expanded since 2002.
some internally, some externally
From the title, the subject wasn't quite what I expected, I believed it was going to be a cry for help from some poor sod who was piling on the pounds. Disappointed and relieved at the same time.


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Should be an award for the single most impressive use of the search function, or maybe the only use of the search function, in Internet forum history.
At 100,000 we should get our own Assistant Deputy Undersecretary for the Armed Forces - Detached.
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