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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Jun 1, 2004.

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  7. none of them - I can't be arrsed

  1. Olive Green says- VOTE UKIP

    PTP says- No.
    No Party Political messages , unless the Parties concerned want to pay Arrse for the exposure.
    And I'm sure I don't want Arrse running foul of the Electoral Commission . :roll:

    edited to provide clarity over who is saying what
  2. PTP,

    After checking with Good CO - my message was acceptable on arrse.

    Edit: So my post says what i have written
  3. IF you join the Lib Dems do you get a free bottle of scotch with the joining pack...?
  4. Im not actually a member so wouldnt know! PTP will..... :D
  5. If that is their view of the E.U.,if you join them you get your head examined,free! (No offence meant). :p :p
  6. The company I work for manages to do most of it's trade with the US, not Europe, so how does wasting money on a hopeless task like European Integration help that. We manage to do this work without free trade deals, etc, etc.

    When we see European institutions becoming more accountable (sack the Commission for a start) and more action taken against blatant fraud and mis-management then I might start to come round to Europe, but I'm not about to hold my breath for it.

    The federalisation of the US worked because they at least spoke the same language. Swiss Government works dispite this because virtually everything is delegated out to the Cantons. The idea that we can get a federal government to work with over twenty wildly different languages is patently ridiculous.

    Even worse the Government are now planning an additional level of government in the form of Regional Assemblies. How much more tax is going to be needed to fund these wasters! :evil:

    We're just getting to Tax Freedom day here in the UK, in teh US it was a month and a half ago!
  7. Sorry, but i still don't get why we need to work at being part of the EU. If we pulled out now, the trade agreements would still stand. And as trade was the reason we joined in the first place, i don't see why we need to agree to all the other stuff they're imposing on us. I say lets get out, start ruling ourselves again, and spend the money saved by not buying ionto europe on the more pressing issues in blighty. UKIP all the way!
  8. Are you insane? Do you realise the majority of British trade is inside the EEC?
  9. So with the UKIP in the lead on this poll do people see them as a more voter friendly BNP - i.e. similar in some respects but without the shadow of Nazism - or do people see it as a totally different animal? If the UKIP wasn't around would people be feel that they would have to vote BNP instead? I think that this would definately be the case with myself...
  10. When Britain leaves the European Union, we'll be able to take full advantage of trading opportunities throughout the world, and not just in Europe. The EU prevents us from trading freely and fairly on the world stage. UKIP supports genuine free trade.

    Britain is the world's fourth largest economy and the second largest global investor (after the United States). It can hardly be said that we are 'too small to survive alone'. Britain is also head of the Commonwealth which includes a quarter of the world's population. It is a free association of independent nations which share our language, culture and approach to business. This is a far better model for international relations than the centralised, increasingly tyrannical EU.

    Outside the EU, we can build strong trading relationships with the rest of the world, including Commonwealth countries and the North American Free Trade Area. It is ironic that the European Commission could negotiate with - or even join - NAFTA. Britain cannot make such decisions because Tory and Labour governments have signed our sovereignty away.

    The UKIP is the only party to support free and fair trade for a free country.
  11. having checked the rules of purdah clearly to ensure i don't cross any lines i can safely say.................

    WTF if we become an 'island', in the true sense of the word, we would end up not only an incredibly poor one, but one that would never be able to defend itself or shores again....
    might as well just put on the chains ourselves and throw open the doors!

    stepping back on the shelf to watch and not get involved.
    Thank you
  12. Rhino,

    I had a long chat with Charlie Krankie a couple of weeks ago. He was clear of eye, firm of speech and handshake.

    The Scotch thing is a runour. Wee Charlie does like a snifter from time to time, but certainly not enough to render him errrrr "Tired and emotional"

    Anyway, I'm voting and representing LibDem, as it's the fast track to personal power. There are so many old-fashioned woolly thinking "Naice types" in the Party, it damn well needs a Shark like me to get the show on the road. :twisted:
  13. What about scandinavian countries? I thought some of them weren't getting involved in the whole european thing, and don't seem to have read anywhere about them on the brink of descending into poverty. (Will need to go and read up a bit more to make sure of that though!)
  14. How bizarre!!!
    We can't discuss our options for the forthcoming elections?!
    I personally don't give a flying fukc which lying cheating politicians get in but I would like the opportunity to discuss the options!
    Blimey 8O
  15. Absolutely not, there's far too much in the way of racial overtones to whaty the BNP are saying. I'm not averse to immigration from genuine asylum seekers or SKILLED migrants. Unfortunately we have a rampant trade in people suggling and free movement of a hell of a lot of people who have little or no skills, they arrive in this country looking for an improved lifestyle. These people take up low-skilled employment meaning that at lot of people born in this country cannot get jobs (irrespective of their race).