Arrse Election Poll

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Capt Cheeky, May 4, 2005.

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  1. None of them (Couldn't)

  2. Other

  3. Nationalists

  4. Labour

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  6. Liberal Democrats

  7. None of them (Spoiled my ballot)

  8. Couldn't be arrsed

  1. Seeing as every man and his dog are running predictive / exit polls here's your chance to say who you have voted / will vote / wanted to vote for without the bullsh1t.


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  2. that's it back on again with new headings
  3. Easy choice for me as Sir George Young is a top bloke and does loads of stuff locally. National issues don't come into it.
  4. With it being the last day of electioneering the tories seem to be ahead....

    can this change by polling day?

    can it fook seeing as:

    Blair is a total knob'ead
    Kennedy is a typical policy adaptive, wishy washy drunken liberal.

    On the subject of liberals... they harp on about no tuition / top-up fees... have they mentioned their proposed graduation tax... did they fook.

    Deceptive t w a t s.

    Grr liberal induced angst!
  5. From what crib sheet are you reading sir?
    From the BBC
    Yougov (Proper sh!t poll)
    Lab 36 %
    Tory 32%

    L 40
    T 30

    L 42
    T 29

    L 39
    T 29

    L 39
    T 31

    L 39
    T 31

    Best find a new leader then Mr Tory party boss [​IMG]
  6. Err the Arrse Election Poll!
  7. Ahhh, I'm a bit of mong
    Good job Arrse in no way reflects the way the country gonig to vote then. Dear god I'd be horse whipped and flogged mentioing for the "Labour lefty commie pinko gits"
    Then its off on a 60 hour week for you sonny, for 3 shillings and sixpence. And I'll chase foxes all day
  8. and a bl00dy good job too young man! :lol:
  9. Heard Kennedy say "We are against all industrial growth"..


    Sent my vote off three days ago, big cross next to out Tory MP's name. Didn't vote in the local one because none of them are actually any good.
  10. typical southerner.
    thank god your scummy tory party don't have a hope in hell
  11. Come on guys, we have had weeks of this. lets just vote and not bitch about which party is better or worse. 8)
  12. I know that in my household 1 (me) person is voting Tory and 2 are voting Lib dem. Plus my are is already tory with a fair bit of a lead.
  13. So that's the man of the house voting Tory , and the Wife and Daughter voting LibDem ? :D

    We do seem to have an awful lot of Babes in the party
  14. No my parents are voting. Cant say that my dads a babe :p

    They are normaly Lab voters so it means 2 less lab votes on electon day.