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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. after the inspired spearmint hippo Idea bring you own dubious business ideas
    to the dragoons.
    my effort
    I need £5000
    to set up
    business plan selling of used knickers worn by a selection of students at British fine and not so fine university's
  2. I have to say (in a very dodgy Scottish accent), I'm out.
  3. I was in Tokyo a few years ago and was told about vending machines that sold 'warm' secondhand ladies drawers but I did not see any. Bloody choked, went all over the place looking for one.
  4. It's a good idea & you may get many takers from the dirty mac brigade.
    But sadly i think it's a non starter, so for this reason i'm out!

    And is already taken & has been since 2004!
  5. Oh, they exist... erm... so I'm told :oops: cough. cough...
  6. My brother is off to Japan in a couple of weeks so I can set him a research task...
  7. I would like £500 to start my own mail order Red Bahloon and Lollypop business, with special crayoning in order forms.
  8. I'll tell you where I'm at.

    I don't think you have your numbers right and I don't think you have a good business plan. You can only market this to soldiers so I'm out!
  9. I wouls also Like £100,000. This would help me launch project Munt hunt, I would travel the world as donkeys faithful sidekick banging munters from every country also producing a cracking 5 minute brief at the end.

    I would also need a further £5 for condoms.
  10. Donkey, don't ruin it for me.
  11. I am thinking of For all your walting needs.
  12. I would only be going for the truly Gopping in every country. Like below:

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  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You dont have a hope in hell...
  14. Id like 250000 to start up a specialist walt hunting group. Using ARRSE as my intelligence network and using an elite group of mercenaries (also obtained through the arrse ranks). When we eliminate the walts their possessions and property will be sold off the proceeds going back into the company.

    We currently have a list of 5 walts awaiting a visit

    1. Baron Castleshort - for gaining false honours and being a member of L of F proberbly the most walt like organisation in the world, with the exception the ACF.
    2. Gordon Brown - For walting it up pretending to be a prime minister who was elected by the people.
    3. Sven - Obvious reasons
    4. Graham Eckerman - claimed to be a super marine when in fact he was a catering worker and pedo
    5. Ritchie C - To improve the UK's IQ by 10 points per person.

    So is anyone in?
  15. I'd like like £100,000 to start up HiRE a Mong the plan is to rent them out to functions such as weddings and birthday parties/corporate functions/mess do's depending on the pacage the cleint ops for the mongs will act accordingly from dancing on the end of a chain/fight club drool experience/ /Mong sexual deviancy /fighting over laboons and ice cream. I predict this will be more popular than karaoke in cheap and nasty bars in Spain. And will return a 1000% net growth on your investment within 18 months.