Arrse downunder crawl

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bushmills, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Am in Bris' for a few weeks, anybody up for a p*ss up?
  2. fancy crawling up to Oakey 2 hours west of brisbane, all comers welcome plenty of room!!can guarantee no rain and the best roast dinner in the southern hemisphere
  3. Might be a plan. PM Mark the convict too.
  4. Bugger the provinces mate, come to Sydney. We've got an opera house an' all, we have.
  5. Yeah but I don't want to be gang raped by lebbos.

  6. Seriously though Phil, Mrs. Rutar and I may be flying down your way later on. Catching up with a mate from the chockos.
  7. Sounds good. BTW, Mohammad and his fully sick bros said they'd meet you at the bus stop outside Bankstown Square, no pressure.
  8. And a bridge that is far more outstanding than the Brisvegas pimped up bailey bridge
  9. Thank **** there's a desert between WA and you lot. :)
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  10. Can still fly over in a few hours...
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  11. Will do!