ARRSE dog attire

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Having recently seen a Corps colours dog lead (rope) in use.

    Any chance of getting a ARRSE dog lead?

    Any one interested? Any one got any idea who could make them?

    Obviously collars could be a good one as well.

    You could use them for dogs or just tying your mrs to the bed.
  2. Have a look on Ebay - a couple of years ago I bought a rope dog lead, and the seller did custom orders.
  3. Oh my God, where will the madness stop? Arrse Dog Leads? What next, Arrse bedding sets and Duvet covers? 8O
  4. Only if they have Mr. Potatohead on them! :D
  5. Now THAT I'd like! Single for Monkey, with small print Mr P fitted sheet please.

    Beebs :lol:
  6. Prefer mine to be rubber, easier to clean
  7. Ah, but unlike you my 4 year-old has stopped bed wetting....... ;)

  8. Sorry , are you saying there IS interest in Arrse bedding sets?
  9. That would be a yes in my household!

    Beebs :)
  10. Yeah, lets push it on the kids!!!

    Imagine the RSM inspecting a whole room of basics with Mr PT smiling at him!!!

    And "" across the pillows!

    Any chance of No 4 curtains?
  11. How about Arrse-holes?.......or wipes?
  12. Sort your life out you sad, lonely little man.