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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by greyfergie, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. It’s not uncommon for arrsers to come out with “I’m in Timbuktu for the weekend any recommends for things to see and do?” That I thought I’d start a places to go and things to do thread....

    Following up with an Arrse score what recommendations have you got?

    This weekend I went to the Dads Army museum in Thetford.....

    Quite good, bit heavy on scripts and photos, but nice and chintzy with a lovely war time cafe.

    They even do a tour of sites used for filming!

    And a Capt Mainwaring statue to have your photo taken with.....


    Arrse Score? 8/10

    Would I go again? Yes
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  2. Just noticed the block paving - nice touch!
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  3. I've been to Timbuktu

    Don't bother

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  4. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

    I've been three times and there still things that I haven't had time to look at! Lots to do and see!

    If you go, I'd recommend buying the "Annual All Attraction Ticket". It's valid for one year, you can use it as often as you like during that year and it gives access to all the attractions in the dockyard. I bought one on my second visit for £35. According to the website, they're on special offer at £28 at the moment. The "Mary Rose" museum is worth that on its own. You've also got HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and loads of smaller attractions.

    Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

    HMS Victory
    HMS Victory.jpg

    HMS Warrior
    HMS Warrior.jpg

    Mary Rose
    Mary Rose.jpg

    Edited to add: Only 7/10 because food/drink quite expensive.
    Would I go again? Yes
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  5. Marks out of 10 please and a proper report.....:D
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  6. Arrse score - 10/10?
  7. Fort George
    A prime example of fortifications excellant museum with Brown Besses still ready for issue
    Best bit of all is the chance to escape unlike the Red Hackles residing there
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  8. Edited to add score after original posting. Sorry!
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  9. I just typed in www.arse.co.uk into my web browser and it took me to a porn site called 'arse' with one r. shurely I must be good today, I immediately backed off and re-type www.arrse.co.uk with 2 rr's....:) to get to the correct site of wisdom.:rolleyes:
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  10. Indeed so but Gunwharf Quays, complete with many eateries but otherwise a "designer outlet" horror, is a short waddle away. Often end up at the Loch Fyne Seafood gaff. £13.95 for three courses not at all bad

    The greatest advantage however is that Mrs B can go off for retail therapy at Gunwharf whilst I look at "boring boat stuff", both of us thus remain untroubled by restive tapping of foot and heavy sighs.
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  11. That wasnt the sort of trip I was envisioning UV......
  12. The muskets and much else in "ready to issue" condition are part of the Seafield Collection which is housed in the Grand Magazine at Fort George. Well worth a visit, and included in the Historic Environment Scotland entrance fee to the fort, as is the remarkable regimental museum known as the Highlanders Museum (Queen's Own Highlanders Collection), the historic Garrison Chapel, cannon on the ramparts, and the chance to see dolphins out in the Firth!
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  13. Are you in game of thrones?
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  14. No - but I was an extra on the Clangers....
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  15. 92906402.jpg
    Come to Redcar see the only Vertical..thats right folks a Pier what sticks up, not out over the water unfortunately, this....... is at the opposite end of the Beach
    On Second thoughts give Redcar a miss......
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