ARRSE - do ya speaka da lingo?

Throw your brick bats now at an old fart who has never sent a 'text', advertised in a lonely hearts column or anything else, which in this day and age requires the mandatory use of abbrebiations in order to hold a conversation or get ones message across! Indeed, in my day use of abbreviations was most frowned upon.

Several abbreviations crop up endlessly on ARRSE, and I don't know what they mean.

Can we start a dictionary of them, please?

LOL, BTW, WTF, Etc (I know that one!), for example. Thanks.
FFS - for fucks sake

A B1tch that's Moody? :D
cait said:
SFMB - Sat flicking my bean.
HISMFTTD - Help ive stapled my flaps to the desk

i just burst out laughing and the dozen or so people in the office are looking at me wondering how business agreements can be so funny
galgenberg said:

Take a flying f*ck at a rolling doughnut IIRC (if I recall correctly) :lol:
A crab Buccaneer jockey once described air-to-air refuelling to me in exactly those terms.

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