ARRSE Discount Codes & the Top Ten toys for Christmas....

Greetings All,

I've been working hard here at BFG Towers to create :-

It's only 95% complete, but perfectly usable.
I'm posting this now as I've just got hold of the top ten Christmas toy lists.
You'll see the lists on the homepage of the site & they link to a list of retailers selling them that we have discount codes for.

The majority of the discount codes are the same as you would find on any discount code site, but I'm starting to add exclusive ARRSE only codes.

The site will hopefully pay for itself with commission earned from sales generated, but regardless of if it covers it's own costs or not, one third of all commission earned will go to help the work that MDN, Spanish Dave are doing with 'Help them Out', 'Holidays for Heroes', Sgt Slingsby etc.

So - Tell your friends, add a link to your signature & get shopping !!!



P.S. comments, complaints etc. welcome
Well done BFG there are some cracking Christmas ideas
Hi Mate - yes - that may occasionally happen - as I said, it's only 95% done......
It would be helpful if you could list the retailers here that give you that message.


Hi folks,

I have tried to get in contact a number of times to let you have a banner etc

If you can get in touch either by phone or mail via the website that would be great.

I am introducing a greater 25% discount for ARRSE members over the Christmas period and to highlight the Military Version of PocketComms that we also produce.

The Code would be ARRSEO25 when prompted, but this will only last until 10 Jan 2009

Best wishes


POGscribbler said:
Hi folks,

I have tried to get in contact a number of times to let you have a banner etc
Hi Mate,

I think I sent you a PM way back at the top of this thread, but got no response?

I'll drop you a PM now with my email address


Outstanding work BFG!!

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