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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by spunkymonkey, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Recent events in the Kingdom of Arrse have got me thinking.

    A lot of members, including myself, have tried to take the diplomatic line to smooth things down, and almost everyone has expressed appreciation for the efforts.

    Despite that, we have a founder member of the site sent into exile even though he is still, in his 15th or so incarnation, standing up for the good of the site (see his blocking post on the potentially inflamatory Int Cell thread here Nicely cut short, mate ;)

    We also have COs with (genuine) grievances for some of his past acts which they have no point of appeal to. Their only option for extreme insubordination is to remove from camp - even though they know the flak that will bring. Personally, I give them kudos for sticking to their guns just as I give Voldemort kudos for sticking to his. It takes balls in both camps.

    But it also leaves the site without a very useful asset and it leaves that asset without reliable access to something that, whatever he says, he obviously cares enough about to go way out on a limb for.

    Now, my point is not what happens here, it's this:

    If Arrse can't sort this out amicably amongst people who, if the egos are put aside basically want the same thing, what the fcuk point is there to diplomacy anywhere else?

    In undiplomatic terms:

    Flash, you were way out of order ignoring the COs requests to back off - you didn't know it, but there was another solution. Soryy I didn't think of it earlier, but if there'd been more talk and less bitching it might have happened.

    BCO / GCO, it's your trainset but why throw one of your best locomotives out the playroom just because it derailed on a bend?

    I hate to say it but if this is how people can dig heels on a website, then Bliar and Dubya were way too liberal in the Middle East - the only answer to a human-human disagreement is obviously the biggest fcuk-off nuke you can lay your hands on.

    ***SM sits back and waits for abuse from Flash and a tag from the Site***

    god knows I am a huge fan of TLF but can we just leave the subject alone at present. mk
  2. Not being funny mate, and dont get me wrong, your actions are commendable.

    But who dubbed you the thought police and general 'voice of reason'

    This whole episode is wearing tiresome. You making up these threads to try and be a virtual diplomat isnt helping matters either.
    Youve done the troll thingy, nice one, kudos to you.
    Now just let em get on with it for fcuk sake.
  3. Dale, pull your head out of your clack for once and shut up.

    Nicely put, sm.

    I'm more than happy to play nicely. I think I've demonstrated that over the past couple of days. I'll allow the CO's to cool off if thats what they need. Sorry I hurt their feelings.
  4. Never thought Id see the day :D

  5. suits, I have to say I think sm's input is helping. He's neutral (to a certain degree) and is going a comendable job being the UN mediator. Hopefully a resolution can be found.

    Spunkymonkey to be known as Koffi from now on. ;)
  6. I see what your saying flash, but just as things seem to be calming (errr kind of) Another thread pops up bringing it all up again.
    His input may be helping, as I said at the start of it, his actions are commendable.
    Youve said it yourself Flash, youll give it a few days for it to calm down.
    Can people be satisfied now with what the good lord wants?
  7. All hail Koffi.

    Flushy, I agree. Soots, find a better solution - you da man....
  8. Is he the man to see about getting hold of some crates of AKs?
  9. As I posted on another thread, before it was consigned to the Arrsehole.

    It takes two people to have a fight.