Arrse decides!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RED_ARSE, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. To cut a long story short...

    Mess Xmas Ball

    Star Prize 42" Plasma TV..

    Didnt win

    Snapped to Fcuk

    Now want one

    Do i buy one and endure the wrath of the Missus


    shall i just keep on dreaming...
  2. Big TV is the way ahead, admittedly women just don't seem to appreciate this. However, life is too short to squint at a small screen, buy it and brave the flak!!

  3. Don't plasma screens burn themselves out after a couple of years? all very pretty and definitely Gucci kit, but a flatscreen CRT still has the highest picture quality.

    Is HDTV available in the UK yet?
  4. Go buy a home cinema system. Y'know, the ones they measure in feet, not inches!!

    May pee the missus off, but at least you'll still be able to see the telly as she stands there in front of it giving you the third degree
  5. Bloke Rule No. 423a, Para 1, Section 4 :

    "There are no TVs that are too big. There are only rooms that are too small."
  6. 1 Nil to me

  7. Eh?

    Err, HDTV???

    Is that for me or against, Send keysetting springs to mind...
  8. Ha Ha Ha Quality..

    I can see the film now

    STARWARS blarting, tie fighters all around drowning out the sound of the bolocking from hell.
  9. Not even worth pondering - take yourself to the large plasma TV shop and ask for the most fcuk-off sized model they have and have it sent round straight away.

    Install fcuk-off sized plasma tv

    connect equally fcuk-off sized cinema sound system

    insert porn - something like doubled-stuffed 2 or gagging anal whores 4 will do nicely


    any questions?
  10. Be a real man. Buy the biggest Cathode Ray TV you can find, and with the money you save, get lots of lager and a top of the range scalextric set.
  11. Nah, X-Box and shoot em up games for use between porn films, infinitely better!!

    Red_Arse this counts as a separate yes vote for your tally!!

  12. No, CRT is still the best even if bulky.

    HDTV starts here feb 2006 via Sky, but I gather CRT tubes will not be able to show Hi Def in UK.
  13. Cracking make sure its a real moaner
  14. Rest assured, HDTV is the dog's chutney. Hang back a few months and get that.