Arrse Death Pool


Ok, spotted this on another forum (kerrang) and looks quite interesting...

Here are the rules.....

As we draw closer to the New Year, thoughts inevitably turn to who will kick the bucket in 2007. I'm proposing a K! Death Pool to see who is the Nostradamus of the boards.

The system is simple. You propose five celebrities you believe will croak before 2359 on December 31st 2007 and if you're right, you'll be given points. The player with the most points at midnight on 31st December/1st January 2007/08 will be the winner.

The Rules

# Every entrant must submit a list of five celebrities who they believe will die before midnight on 31st December 2007.

# All chosen celebrities must be human and must be real people (ie no characters from soaps or film).

# All chosen celebrities must be named in the entry (ie no entires of Pope What's-his-name or "the oldest man in the world"). If they are a celebrity who is not likely to be recognised by the majority of the entrants, please add a simple note to explain who (s)he is (ie "Margaret Thatcher - ex-British Prime Minister").

# Anyone caught murdering their target will be sent to bed without any supper and will not receive their Death Pool points (and you may also face up to life imprisonment or even the death penalty depending on where you live). Other entrants will receive their points as normal.

# In order to qualify as a celebrity, the entrant must be famous enough to get an obituary in a British broadsheet or on the BBC website upon their death.

# No celebrity who is currently under sentence of death, widely reported to be terminally ill, or is currently hospitalised after suffering serious injury in an accident will be eligible for nomination.

# Up to two substitutions may be made throughout the year (one substitute only if you enter after 2359 on 15th June 2007), although a points penalty will be imposed if this person then dies. A person cannot be substituted in after they are sentenced to death, it is widely announced that they are terminally ill or have been hospitalised after suffering serious injuries in an accident.

# In the event of a tie at the end of the competition, the winner will be decided with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to be played over MSN.

Points Scoring System

# When a person dies, anyone who has nominated them in their list will receive 100 points minus the age of the person when they die (ie, a 50 year old will be worth 50 points, a 60 year old 40 points etc). A 100+ year old is worth 1 point.

# If the dead celebrity is a substitution, 1/3 of their points will be docked.

If one of your nominations does snuff it, please feel free to draw my attention to it by linking me to the relevant obituary. Obviously with someone really famous I'll know anyway but for someone who is slightly lesser-known I may need prompting.

So them's the rules, any thoughts/comments before the competition begins on January 1st?

Shall we run an arrse version ?

Start it from April to April.. with a mod or a bod being Chief Executioner and making it sticky?


Paisley (Well its a half decent guess, the rest I can only hope) :headbang:


It probably has been done befiore, but the search icon is small and this is the naafi!
hmmm... interesting idea. Better pop over to the other thread I suppose....

edit: I've looked and it's more of a 'wish-list' than a competition. I like the idea of points.... :skull:

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