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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by 570mils, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if this is better here for the technologically adept or in the NAAFI for the socially inept........

    Need a way to track and see where someone is messaging from, ie what country, dont really need any more than that.

    Is there any shareware type software I can get for this, something that can help me track through yahoo or msn or even an email address?

    Cheers people.


    And no I am not trying to catch out the missus.......
  2. Is there a phone number displayed?
  3. Are you trying to trace an email or an instant message?
  4. email and instant message ability would be good........

    And no phone number as that would be too easy to trace to a country
  5. Hmm might need this myself...
  6. surely there is a way of getting there I.P. address then tracking that address
  7. If it's an email, they will usually come with IP information embedded in the header. You then type the IP address into Geo IP Tool - View my IP information and it'll come up with a location for you.
  8. How can you get the exact post code or street?
  9. I do love the scammer, that's part of it, bored at home currently, a victim of the recession, so thoroughly bored and feel like winding them up and yes seen all about the Nigerian 412 scams as well.

    As an aside anyone recognise this so called 'model'?

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  10. Why do you need to find postcode and street????
    I can do this but its not for mainstream usage!
  11. A normal mortal can't other than with a court order, you'll be lucky to get the town/city unless it's a fixed IP address to a business then you can check the registered business address.
  12. You can try running it through TinEye Reverse Image Search see if it give you a result.

    if it gives the street and postcode, let me know which lock-up you've stashed her in after you've finished with her?

  13. Looks like the late Ian Drury to me.
  14. All things being equal, in very simplistic terms and the originator is not spoofing anything:

    GeoIP and it's ilk is very hit and miss.
    There are some slightly refined tools that - depending on the ISP - can narrow down an broadband IP address down to a specific exchange (in the UK).

    Emails can be traced back to the specific server that sent it, this information is in the email header.

    IM traffic and thus the end-user IP can be 'seen' using a sniffer on your PC.

    Tools you will find handy

    Sam Spade - dns and IP address resolution, handy for tracerouting and reverse DNS
    Wireshark - for capturing all network traffic to/from your PC, and filtering on the IM conversation of interest.
    VisualRoute - not necessary, but useful for visuallising where a route goes
    GeoIP - if you really think it might be useful
    Mail client than can display email headers.

    All the crap about being able to identify a physical address from an IP address is just that; crap. Only the assigning ISP knows that, from the DHCP/AAA server records.

    As an example: GeoIP claims I am with TalkTalk and live in Staffs. I'm not, and I don't. IP to ISP address allocation is easy, but GeoIP fluffs that.
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  15. Cheers gents, couple of the links worked, only really needed the country of origin not really any more detail than that.

    Although the easiest one i found to use was Email Trace | Email Tracking | Reverse Email Trace |

    Copy and paste the detailed email header and it does it all for you.

    However as far as I can tell this is the real person behind the 'model' above, was just interested in who the 'faked' person was to find some space for her in my my age i can't be choosey (oh and the 'model' not the person behind it for my shed.)

    Call me cyncial but I am somewhat surprised (NOT) that it originated from Lagos rather than the proclaimed Canada.........

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