Have you pulled on arrse??

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Having read the "beautiful" courtship of belt_fed_wombat and liz_the_nurse in Wanted - UK Time (LINK), just wanted to know if there were any couples who had met on arrse??

Have there been any arrse kids yet???


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Firestarter, posting those pictures is completely out of order! You know full well that gurning contestants, swamp-donkeys and hippo-croca-pigs go in the naafi!

Damn that thing is ugly!
Who in god's name is that 'blonde' creature? I think even dui would hesitate to woo that...uh...."lady" 8O

ARRSE as a dating site - novel idea. Cannot see it as such myself more an extended latern session site ;)

Mr Miz snatched me from my bassinet anyways long before I joined ARRSE :D
Lippy said:
Dale the snail said:
What about "who is the first arrse couple to get married????????"
Who is taking the bets???? :wink:
Mooch and Yannie would make a lovely couple.

We could all go to the wedding armed to the teeth and massacre both families in one mass(fully justified) cull.

Then nick all the presents :lol:

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