Arrse corrupted me!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. Tunbridge Wells this am.Sunshine brought out the fillies.Amongst the Kappa Slappers and chavettes were some tidy single mothers,milf and gilf.All teeth and tits.
    Then as I was staring at some of the better efforts,I found myself visualising them in sexual positons,all bukkake like,or spit roasted,perhaps bondaged etc etc.
    Is it just me?
  2. No, it's perfectly normal. Carry on.
  3. Of course it is. You didn't seriously expect any of them to join in, did you?
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  4. Not at all. While patrolling the highways and byeways earlier today my crewmate and I both commented on how pleasant it was to see the fairer sex back in their warm weather clothing. A veritible feast of flesh from toes to tits...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. No it is perfectly normal as has been said, however you are letting the side down somewhat, due to singular lack of pictures.
  6. Phew, thank gawd for that. I thought my sitting in the shopping centre, checking to see how many "camel toes" I could spot, was some sort of incipient perversion.
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  7. Only if you`re female. Or looking at my wife, daughter, sister, etc
  8. it's you, you fucking freak

    Tunbridge Wells, indeed
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  9. I'll swap you. Where I live its a case of hippo bellies instead of cameltoes. Fucking minging fat heffers. Mind you they did look rather sexy bending over and showing off the Halfords made towrope-cum-thong. Worn back to front.
  10. You bastard. I`m just about to eat and you have put that image in my head.
  11. Tunbridge Wells you say?
  12. Perfectly normal behaviour, ogling women is a man's manners.
    It's been a great week with this weather, Tit Monday every day for me with all the yummy mummies about.
    The Ray Bans have been worth their weight in gold.
  13. If you see MILFies in public and you don't think about at the very least hanging out of the back of them, or at the very most how one can encourage two of them to do some troilisme, then we might as well just give up and hand over the keys of this country to whichever despot wants them.

    Liberty is the right to stare at some lasses tatas and imagine them as part of a sausage sandwich. End of story.
  14. " right to stare" .Not in this country old son. You will now be hunted down, neutered and re-educated by the sisterhood.
  15. If you have similar thoughts when your in a home for the elderly then you need help.