ARRSE Coin Lapel Badge/Tie Pin, Ltd Ed Hols4H, 87 left

Gundulph and I have commissioned 300 bronze and enamel lapel badges/tie pins. They are exact replicas of the ARRSE Challenge Coin with a clutch pin backing.

They will be 23mm in diameter, or the same size as a pound coin.

Only 300 will be made and the proceeds will fund the production of a 'Holidays4Heroes' enamel badge, the entire proceeds of which will go to Hols4Heroes.

Holidays 4 Heroes

The ARRSE coin lapel badges will be sold on a first come, first served basis. You cannot reserve them, you must pay for them upfront by visiting here:-

Fifth item on this shop page

Photos of the actual badge will be posted once the first one has rolled off the production line.

You can pay online using card or Paypal.

There is no limit to how many you buy but once they are gone, they are gone.

Delivery expected, first week in October.

We cannot actively promote these after 30th Sept due to RBL Auctions.
What are you waiting for?


Only just over 100 left, updated delivery expected by 5th Oct.

The badges have had some goldplating done at no extra cost by the manufacturers, so should make your lapel stand out or that naff old Regt tie a bit brighter!
rockape34 said:
Ordered on 26 September (according to PayPal so you must have posted elsewhere :) ) - Do I need to send Unique IDs somewhere?
This just goes to prove that the ability to read is not a pre-requisite of joing the Rockapes! (Someone read this to him)

The first post on this thread? Read it slooooooooooooooooooooowly !

Delivery expected first week in October. Now I know that Sapeers are good............... Nay, amazingly good at everything (except hermer things), but even I can't post them before they have arrived :roll:

Lots of Love

MM :twisted:
Right Folks

Badges have arrived, mini MM spent the afternoon packaging and addressing them all (so if it looks like a child wrote the address, they did!) But she can spell and writes the Queens English not Chav Spk!

They will be posted first post tomorrow, 1st class or recorded depending what you ordered.

If you ordered a blazer badge too, then your badges will all be sent together when they arrived.

This all means that the few dishonest Royal Mail staff can begin stealing them tomorrow :evil: :evil: :evil:

Just over 100 left, get them while you can



Lol, nice work mate, thanks.

Nothing like a bit of child labour to remind them how hard we had it.. :D
Double_Duck said:
Lol, nice work mate, thanks.

Nothing like a bit of child labour to remind them how hard we had it.. :D
Don't worry, I have to pay her and she knows all about 'minimum wage' , bloody internet! :twisted:

Btw, if it saves on postage I can wait until you have the badges and the blazer patches to hand and then just send them together, thanks

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