ARRSE Coin Blazer Badge,

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Hellmans, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, only £9.99 until 15th Jan. Orders placed before Monday 14th will be dispatched for XMAS (Royal Mail posting times) Normal Price £14.99


    Following on from the success of the ARRSE Coin and lapel badges (currently being produced) , we have managed to negotiate an excellent deal with our supplier for 100 Superb Quality Gold Wire Blazer Badges.

    These are padded, 3D effect, quality badges, not to be confused with the flat, 2D, cheap mass produced badges that proliferate from the Indian Sub Continent and Far East.

    RRP from this supplier is £17.99 per badge. We can sell them for £14.99 and still generate income for Holidays4Heroes.

    Once sold, there will be £200 paid straight to Hols4Heroes

    Strictly limited to 100 badges, no second chances,

    When they are gone, they are gone, maybe never to return.

    We shall not be plugging these after 30th Sept due to the RBL Auction protocol.

    Order by visiting here: Clicky this Linky

    Delivery expected on 25th October for dispatch prior to Remembrance Day


  2. Morning bump :)
  3. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    They look terrific !!

  4. The sample badge has arrived and is fantastic quality. I will post some piccies tomorrow when I have the camera (my turn of Fridays!)

    bumpo :)
  5. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

  6. Bollox, made a double payment, MM, keep the payment and only send one badge, cheers mate.
  7. MM,

    Are you able to upload a pic of the Sample Blazer Badge?
  8. Here it is Folks, get yours ordered soon,
    Less than 70 left, never to be repeated


  9. Now that looks the 'Machenders' MM!!!

    I would replace your original picture at the start of this thread with the actual one you have just posted!

    Looks excellent and much more Blazer/Sports Jacket friendly - Nice...
  10. done, less than 70 left
  11. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

  12. How many of these are left MM?
  13. 68 at last count
  14. They're Here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posting will commence tomorrow

    MM :D