ARRSE COIN Blazer Badge Ltd Edition, 80 left Hols4H

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Hellmans, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Following on from the success of the ARRSE Coin and lapel badges (currently being produced) , we have managed to negotiate an excellent deal with our supplier for 100 Superb Quality Gold Wire Blazer Badges.

    These are padded, 3D effect, quality badges, not to be confused with the flat, 2D, cheap mass produced badges that proliferate from the Indian Sub Continent and Far East.

    RRP from this supplier is £17.99 per badge. We can sell them for £14.99 and still generate income for Holidays4Heroes.

    Once sold, there will be £200 paid straight to Hols4Heroes

    Strictly limited to 100 badges, no second chances,

    When they are gone, they are gone, maybe never to return.

    We shall not be plugging these after 29th Sept due to the RBL Auction protocol.

    Order by visiting here: Clicky this Linky

    Delivery expected on 25th October for dispatch prior to Remembrance Day


  2. I think I'll be getting one of these for my scooter jacket :D
  3. Good Man! first one :wink:
  4. Ordered and paid. :D

    Transaction ID: .........7935831
  5. Ordered and bumped..
  6. Many thanks, ONLY 95 remaining.

    I have asked the Mods to move this to the Charity thread now that I have been able to post the charitable donation details.

    Keep it bumped

    MM :D
  7. C'mon folks, these are not only for Blazers, (but who will be wearing one in London on 8/11?), put them on Scooter Jackets (Saintstone) or cut off for all the bikers out there.

    Rucksacks or Manbags for the hermers!

    They are the Dogs Danglies, a one off, 95 left etc etc

    Buy the missus one, when she turns her nose up, you have it and you get it for free!!!

  8. ...........b........u...............m.........p
  9. You've lost count. I ordered one earlier today at the same time as the lapel badges.

    So it's 94 or less :)
  10. Well, I've just ordered one to sew under the Irish tricolour on the left shoulder of my M65 jacket. However, if it goes the same way as my order for the ARRSE button and the ARRSE challenge coin No: 479, I'll probably never get it.

  11. Make it subdued and I can find a spot on my uniform to put it. :)
  12. Ordered
  13. 'Angaboutafückin'minitt! I just received this automated reply to my order:

    Any chance of an explanation of all this? I thought that all challenge coins had been dispatched. So what's going on?

    I izz reelee confuzedid now.

  14. He means 48hrs from time of placing the order, simples :D
  15. Does that mean you want me to deliberately not send your Blazer badge to complete the non assemble?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The lapel badges have not arrived yet, you are in good company waiting for those.

    The auto reply you mentioned later was, as Saintstone correctly deduced, general information. Coins are sent within 48hrs of your order.

    Re 479 - remind me by PM what the score was. If it was one of the few that Royal Mail lost/stole then that is beyond my control. If it was recorded then I will replace it as I am with others. I will make the claim to save you time and effort. Aren't I kind! :D

    89 Blazer Badges remaining......................................