Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Bow_Man, Jun 4, 2004.

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  1. Yes - Didn't Coats of Arms go out with wearing heavy shiney armour?

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  2. No - It gives the site a true sense of identity

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  1. Just to settle an argument do you like it or not? i will of course be a gracious loser.
  2. I like it very much indeed :p
    (and if you are scrummy will you post some pictures in the gallery of your visage in gracious defeat when you lose please?) :wink:
  3. I think it's great - and easily visible from a distance (as Bulford Garrison will find out this weekend!)

    Susie - regardless of whether Bow_Man wins/loses, can you post some pics of you (just PM them direct to me, as I will need to vet them before inclusion in the Gallery)

  4. okey diddly they're on their way :wink:
  5. Once again the tone has been lowered and not by me.

    The ARRSE Coat of Arms is a fine piece of work!!!

    Manchester will also be witnessing its display this weekend.

    I think we should start a album in the Gallery of the Coat of Arms in different places.

    Could be fun!!!!
  6. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I hate to point this out after all the fine work that went into the production of the arms, but the most basic and invariable rule of heraldry is that "Never place a colour on a colour or a metal upon a metal." Black and green are colours and cannot be placed beside each other without a metal border seperating them, (i.e. gold or silver). If the arms were changed to include gold seperating the black and green (which, it could be argued, represented the tan bit of DPM), the arms would be a) possible in law and b) perhaps a better pun on DPM. I know it's a bit late now...
  7. Aren't you being Mr Pedantic? Who cares if they are correct in heraldic law or whatever. They look okay and rather than being designed to look like DPM they could be said to be looking like our green/black vehicles. The green and black paint we use are colours, I know, I've painted enough of them, could have done the Forth Bridge several times over! :wink:
  8. I think it's as naff as a naff thing, but blo0dy brilliant anyway, well done bowman.
  9. I rather like it; my ARRSE mug which features it has certainly been admired by many.
  10. Yes, mine to! I have 2 of MM's super mugs - the one with my ID and avatar stays hidden from sight. The other one (Army - Get Shot At) was admired by a 1* at work - upon a swift chat over coffee, it transpired that he is also an ARRSE irregular.

    Well done you! (Sir) :D
  11. Bow_man, firstly, good to see you back.

    It's naffness makes it ciche!

    Was he working the fries or McFlurries? I did have my doubts about your employment but now I'm sure! :lol:
  12. Flash - you are a total knobber! :D

    (Now, was that BBQ sauce with your ya wanna go Extra Lardy?)
  13. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Yep, I am being pedantic, but it is sometimes a good idea. The arms are theoretically prosecutable if displayed in England (although the last such case was heard by the Court of Chivalry in 1952) and a very much prosecutable if displayed in Scotland - Lord Lyon's Court summoned Mohammed Fayed to court last year and found against him in civil law for his illegal display of arms that were not authorised. My advice would be not to flash them a round north of the border. :wink:
  14. Can't we get rid of the knights helmet and replace it with a royal crown then we could be either

    The Royal ARRSE
    Queens Own Arrse
    Duchess of Yorks Own ARRSE (what a nice one that is too)
  15. So it ciche and a bit of a laugh.... that makes it look good on a wreath then!! Because as I understood it DDay was a right laugh for those that were there...not.