ARRSE Clay Shoot NW


Worsley is a nice and was a relaxed club, I always enjoyed shooting there and when I did a mong and left my keys at home to my gun case the locals had it unpicked in 10 seconds, serious!
the_butler said:
msr said:
Right. Sunday 25th May. 1030. Wear DPM.

I take it you mean the first location.
As for DPM I was hoping to stand out a little.
Don't want to be shot again. :D
Wear whatever you like.... within reason - otherwise it is going to be a bit difficult recognising each other.

Worsley it is.

I quite fancy this but being a bit under the weather can't make the 25th, I have no gun but assume I could use one of an attending Arrser.

If it goes well and a repeat is arranged, I would like a go. Used to do a lot of shooting, clay and game, but have not had a gun for years, and living where I do, wouldn't want to.

Let me know how it goes please, and have a good day.


Josey agricultural suppliers should sell them at about £8 per box of 150. I have a few boxes if you are in sussex! They are normally free with a trap!
JoseyWales said:
Can anyone help me out with a box of clays. I have a trap with a seat and spring arm. I will gladly pay club prices plus postage and packing.

Where in the world do you want you £10 box of clays?