Arrse Chatroom Meltdown

Dear Deidre

It's my night off, I've got a fridge full of Stella and was looking forward to a bit of banter in the blether room. However its buggered :( .

Also on the homepage my Mr Potatoe Head thing has a remove clicky thing, which when I click on it takes me to a page about an arrse chopper. Have I been given the finger?

Lots of love
Bruce (Concerned)
Thanks Bovvy, thought I'd been binned. Liz was talking dirty the other night and I was listening.
I miss those dirty chats with Liz but you cant go into chat on these stupid welfare computers...damn ##~~* blast. Well three months more to go and then all the ARRSE maidens can use and abuse me again.
brucewillis said:
I meant the other Liz.
You don't mean THE "LIZ" the big "Q" Liz ???? :)

I'll never look at the back of a coin again. :banned:
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