Arrse Chatroom Meltdown

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brucewillis, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Dear Deidre

    It's my night off, I've got a fridge full of Stella and was looking forward to a bit of banter in the blether room. However its buggered :( .

    Also on the homepage my Mr Potatoe Head thing has a remove clicky thing, which when I click on it takes me to a page about an arrse chopper. Have I been given the finger?

    Lots of love
    Bruce (Concerned)
  2. Infact 'total chopper!' how bizarre!
  3. You'd like it angry and up you. Little girl!
  4. Thanks Bovvy, thought I'd been binned. Liz was talking dirty the other night and I was listening.
  5. Yeah right. In your dreams.
  6. I meant the other Liz.
  7. I miss those dirty chats with Liz but you cant go into chat on these stupid welfare computers...damn ##~~* blast. Well three months more to go and then all the ARRSE maidens can use and abuse me again.
  8. You don't mean THE "LIZ" the big "Q" Liz ???? :)

    I'll never look at the back of a coin again. :banned: