"Arrse chat clock thread" or "Fix the blinkin

Clock in NAAFI chat room, does its inaccuracy IRRITATE you?

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Herr_Doktor and I will discuissing the perpetual situation of the clock in the NAAFI chat room being out of sync with realitly.

As far as I can recall this has always been the case!

Is there a reason for this, i.e to confuse the enemy who ever they may be?

Infact the whole clock seems to be out of sync wonders if one part is on GMT whilst the other is on BST.

e.g. my PC says its 21:04
NAAFI room says 21:21
posting clock is Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 10:21 pm Post subject: "Arrse chat clock thread" or "Fix the blinkin clock"

Yours curiously.

BCO is quite proud of his chatroom so I'm sure he'll be grabbing his keyboard and dashing to the rescue as we speak.

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