Arrse Chat "broken" upon ignore message - FIX

Boring semi-relevant bit:

Hi folks, sorry if this doesn't belong here - seemed the best place.

Having been mixing chat and beer for a couple of years, It was only a matter of time before I acted like a cnut and put my foot in it, and was duly put on "ignore" by one or two individuals (only one or two, honest!) so they didn't have to be subjected to my drunken crap...

Meh part of chat, I'm not the first and I won't be the last, others have been on the receiving end of "Squiddly has put you on ignore" messages, just part of chat I guess...

Problem: The problem is that chat crashes for quite a lot of users who have been put on ignore: The chat window appears, the "you have been put on ignore" message appears and you can't click it away - you can read the messages in chat but you can't type. The only solution I found was to repeatedly refresh the window until eventually the ignore message let you click the "ok" button. As you can imagine, this annoyed a lot of users in chat, making the problem worse and generally winding people up...

Solution: If you have been enough of a twit to get yourself put on ignore by someone in arrse chat, instead of trying to click the "OK" button, just hit return a couple of times, and the message box will go away.

Hope this random drivel helped someone out there :) .
As for me, I'll try to be less of a cnut in future :D .

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