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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by J_E_P, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Considering this is a health and fitness section we don't seem to have much competition going down.

    Thus this thread, for posting any exercise based challenges you HAVE* undertaken. Gloat to the world about your prowess, then weep gently as you see your internet famed scores retired to the sands of time.

    *This being important, since people have a habit of making workouts up, recommending them.....and then not doing them.
  2. Challenge No.1 - J.E.P
    With a continuously running clock do one press-up the first minute, two press-ups the second minute, three press-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

    Use as many sets each minute as needed.

    Rounds Completed - 22Rounds + 10 Press Ups

    Note - Anyone can do it. Was adapted from for help with my press-ups.
  3. So run this one by me again?
    Do you do the first press up in 1 second then stay motionless for the next 59 until you're allowed to do another 2, then 2 in 2 seconds and wait motionless for 58 seconds?

    Or do you do 1 press up in 60 seconds incredibly slowly, whilst gurning, like a slow motion porn star with an invisible 'Chesty Morgan' underneath you? :scratch:
  4. 1 in 1minute, not 1 ridiculously slow one. Though out of principle i will now try that.

    Admittedly the first 10-15minutes you find laughable. Personally i knew what was coming so took that extra time each round as an oppurtunity to stretch properly.
  5. 5 pull ups
    10 medicine ball slams
    15 burpees
    20 jumping jacks

    Finish by 75s, have until 120s as rest, then repeat for 10 circuits (or keep going for 20 minutes).
  6. Will try that in 24hours, never done ball slams and will have to run 10m to get outside from my garage otherwise i'l wreck the floor haha. Good challenge though, 50reps in 75seconds......nasty :D.
  7. It's all courtesy of ross enamit.

    If it doubt, replace the medicine ball slams with dumb bell clean and press, just make sure the weight is not so heavy that you can't complete the circuit due to muscle fatique and not so light it isn't worth including it.
  8. I'l work it out, issue as always is speed. 1.5s per rep, though i guess JJs are well below that. Like i said anyway i'l have a go, first 6 should be in the target zone at least.

  9. I found the start of that sentence quite a challenge.
  10. Aye agreed, seeing through my glaring grammatical error must've been the most arduous of tasks. Out of principe it's now corrected.
  11. Target zone being time per rep right? Not heart rate zone.

    I did 3 sets of 500m sprint on the concept 2 rower and 15 burpees (first set with pull ups, after that, not enough to count as being inclusive in the sequence) with 10-12 clean and press with 30kg this morning, 1 minute rest.
  12. Target zone matching the specified exercises to the 75s time frame. Heart rate is something i only bother with inside my running routines.....otherwise i have a habit of cruising rather than pushing myself haha.
  13. Ten hours worth of PFT (BPFAs as it was then) for charity. Did it in shifts, so not as honking as it may sound.

    One PFT, then a fifteen minute break, then another PFT, etc etc.
  14. Thought so but just checking.

    Have you attempted a DIY lactate test to see where your threshold is?
  15. What worries me about this one is it sounds easy, previous experience suggests I will eat my words when I try it!