Arrse Challenge Coin (for charidee mate)


for those who aren't aware, can i point you in the direction of the charidee "arrse challenge coin" thread. it's raising money for Holidays 4 Heroes.

basically, if an arrser challenges you in a bar and you don't have yours on you, you're getting the beers in. eye_spy, howayman, perevodchik - be warned :D

reserve your number on that thread, only ten of your english pounds!

"did you say ten pounds?"


"that's a bargain, i'll have one"

(then leg it from the cozzers)
Howayman said:
Done. I may be purchsing three...anyone for Arrse Spoof?
You're playing spoof for your arrse? Always had my doubts about you Howayman 8O

Mines ordered.

Edited once to add the fact that I have ordered one.

Deleted 15653

Ordered 112 in honour of the worst, most disunited and generally sh1tty squad aver to go through Ashford (if Wobbly T was to be believed)


many, many years later......are these still available?
You rang, m'Lud?


@EddieVDog ; should you ever acquire one of these priceless artefacts, be sure to carry it in your weskit pocket, ready to be whipped out for display at the appropriate moment. Some of our brethren here have suffered for their negligence, their wallets prised open and the mildewed £1 notes extracted, for the boozy benefit of those better prepared.

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