Arrse Challenge Coin (for charidee mate)

for those who aren't aware, can i point you in the direction of the charidee "arrse challenge coin" thread. it's raising money for Holidays 4 Heroes.

basically, if an arrser challenges you in a bar and you don't have yours on you, you're getting the beers in. eye_spy, howayman, perevodchik - be warned :D

reserve your number on that thread, only ten of your english pounds!

"did you say ten pounds?"


"that's a bargain, i'll have one"

(then leg it from the cozzers)
Howayman said:
Done. I may be purchsing three...anyone for Arrse Spoof?
You're playing spoof for your arrse? Always had my doubts about you Howayman 8O

Mines ordered.

Edited once to add the fact that I have ordered one.
Ordered 112 in honour of the worst, most disunited and generally sh1tty squad aver to go through Ashford (if Wobbly T was to be believed)

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