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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rodders999, Sep 24, 2006.

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    It would appear that the army has as much, if not more censorship than the BBC, as the ARRSE mods have deleted a huge wad of posts. Soldiers, it would appear, are not mature enough to debate difficult topics like Muslim hatred of Westerners.

    Even when this hatred may directly affect the lives of soldiers, as in the case above, the topic is deemed to be too 'sensitive'.

    But let's debate it. How extensive is this hatred? How can it be tackled? How does it affect operations?

    If a civil servant banned discussions on how engineering failures occur, and how disasters are created, the mods of this board would be first to say that this was irresponsible.

    Likewise it is irresponsible to delete discussions about East - West tensions that may directly affect the lives of soldiers.

  2. Well, PTP quoted in the thread he recently locked:

    "post another Muslim story , watch it disappear into the "It's all about Muslims" thread.

    There are other issues in the big wide world, and some of you have one song, and it's getting tedious."

    My answer to that is, If it's getting too tedious for you, then move away from current affairs and moderate another section!.
  3. Hear hear
  4. Don't turn up on arrse and criticise the way it is run after only posting for a day and a month respectivley.

    Put in some time, contribte to the forums, and your whines may be listened too..... until then shut your gobs?

    The site is successful, largely due to the work of a few...... tools like you don't help
  5. Rodders, you are new to the site - you have posted on nothing but Islamic tensions with the Western World - and have accused me of being a Muslim infiltrator.

    To back PTP's moderation to the hilt there are other things going on in this world - without story after story rehashing actions by Muslims etc etc

    The moderators on ARRSE have generally proved themselves to be conistent, fair and acting within the best interests of both the site and the users of the site.
  6. I think the main reason for this is that the subject has been thrashed to death on here. You only seem to talk about the one subject and you have only joined the site today.

    Most new users on here keep their mouth shut for a while until they suss out the lie of the land. I didn't post for the first 6 days until I got used to the site, and even then it was in the NAAFI bar.

    I might as well ask this question, are you a serving or ex member of the military?


  7. Well said that man!
  8. This isnt the army. It isnt modertated by the army, it is the unofficial rumour service. If you want to raise issues with the hierarchy dont visit a site with as much interest in goat porn and necrophilia as world affairs.

    If you have a drum to beat, beat it elsewhere.
  9. Sorry Moriarty , you have been here in this guise for what , a month?

    Rodders - You'll be here less than that.

    I've done this for considerably longer. Current Affairs goes through cycles, but one of the cycles it is NOT going to go through , is being dominated by one issue, because a small clutch of posters post on nothing else, but post frequently on that topic.

    Yes, I am going to move all non-news Muslim stories. like piggy banks , which way graves face , prison toilets, deliberately inflamatory rubbish like '10% of Muslims wouldn't dob' etc etc into one thread as I did previously.

    Arrse Current Affairs is a broad church which seeks to serve as many interests of topic with a military-centric flavour as possible. It is NOT all about Muslims , or foisting the newest hate line. There are other forums more suited for that.

    This is one of the busiest Current Affairs forums in the UK ,certainly the busiest military-centric one which is so , because there have been some class and knowledgeable posters contributing, and because there is Moderation , to ensure it remains enjoyable to as many people as possible.

    The moderation can never be all things to all men , but the one thing it is there for is to ensure that CA is not going to sink into a single issue forum where Non-serving or never served civilians dictate what appears here.

    I watched that happen with the largest current affairs military forum in the worls, and in the end, they had to have a total revamp , ban posters and change moderators, just to get it out of the single issue morass it had sunk into.

    It's not going to happen here.

    Rodders, you are brand new here,

    Moriarty , you're not so new, and I can only presume you're bleating like this today because of run-in's about topics of yours deleted, moved, or other topics not closed, both in your current and previous guise.

  10. Well said PTP. ARRSE is a broad church, funny, insightful and on the good side of non-pc. Single issue inflammatory posters are frankly tedious. Rodders you don't need to be rude to make a point. Try a bit of humility, or go preach to your own converted.
  11. PTP has been known to be a twit at times when making decisions BUT everyone makes mistakes and if a moderator makes a move, well..... that's just the point of moderation - is it not?

    He doesn't do a bad job - just an unthankful one..... christ guys - just live with it!
  12. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    If anyone has any issues with moderation on the site then please email us on Before doing so please make sure that you have read & understood the Site Posting Standards.

    In your case Rodders999, I wouldn't really bother though as your attempt at 'debate' involves regurgitating the usual far right mixture of half truth and urban myth. PtP has quite rightly placed it exactly where it belongs - in the bin.
  13. No probs with PTP's excellent moderation - it's a thankless job.

    However, that's a poo line: as in, 'what, as opposed to the left's magnificently accurate, unbiased and objective,truthful mixture of honesty and objectivity?'
  14. I agree with removing the posts, our enemies would love threads where UK troops slag off islam etc.

    For all we know that may be rodders intention. . . .
  15. eveyuk

    on a slightly more flippant note, is that Dita Von Teese in your avatar? :)