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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by stoatman, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. For Pikey scum and boring middle-aged twats

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  2. A great way to have a cheap holiday blah blah blah...

  1. Cloggie, being the thoroughbred Dutchman that he is, decided to customise his caravan in honour of his new-found bezzers on ARRSE, by stencilling some advertising for the site on his "Pikey van" as he calls it.

    With his caravan loaded down with chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter, continental lager, prodigious quantities of Holland's finest product, and wooden shoes, he set off from the back corner of the Netherlands to an undisclosed location in England to found the ARRSE caravanning club, with full fanfare.

    Being the ersatz Dutchman that I am I decided to go and meet the miscreant and try to educate him in the errors of his ways regarding the use of caravans. This was easier said than done -- being Dutch, the ownership of a caravan is a kind of right of passage into family life. I realised I was fighting a losing battle, and being outnumbered by his family, it didn't seem so wrong after a few beers.

    Actually, in his defence, if you don't mind driving no faster than 60 mph whilst towing a lump of plastic which labels you " Pikey" or "exceptionally dull", there are worse things to stay in. And, if you can put up with the constant insults from real people, then you are strong willed. Although, on a caravan site you are very unlikely to meet any real people, of course...

    Anyway, here is the evidence of the ARRSE caravanning club (click for a larger image):


    Expecting incoming in three... two... one...
  2. You watch 'Top Gear' do you?
  3. Thanks for your input Stoatman,but by calling me a miscreant you voluntarily gave up your chance to become a goldmember of the All Ranks ARRSE Caravanning Club :wink:
    All others who are interested however,can subscribe to me. :p
  4. Will it be only for caravans, or can us pikey campers join to?
  5. Do you do tarmacing?

    How much for a 30ft x 12ft driveway?
  6. £500. But they wont ask you if you need it; and they will use your back garden as a bog.
  7. Would you be interested in 200 sprigs of lucky heather and a skip full of clothes pegs ?
  8. ARRSE Caravanning Club? More like wife-swapping. As a Tent man I really can't see the point of dragging a box half way around the country to sit around drink tea and watch telly. They clog (No pun intended) the roads up, they get in the way doing a poxy 60mph, Just silly. However I like watching the nubs who can't reverse, nubs emptying of the over full pi$$ and sh1t box/thingy, and nubs driving too fast with box bouncing all over the shop, Oh and the **** who got stuck up sutton bank!!!

    Yes for middle aged w@nker, who prolly read the Daily Mail :)
  9. Love the mechanical wooden indicator on the right hand side of the caravan.

    Saves buying a bulb I suppose.

  10. Heres last years Annual meet

  11. There was a jack knifed caravan on the M3 south of Winchester on Sunday. How we all laughed as it took 45mins to go 1/2 mile. :roll:
  12. that stretch of road always seems to have some crash/accident/delay - am up and down it regularly and between it and the A34 end up going nowhere fast - especially now that it is fully into caravan season.
  13. Stoatman's caravan, That was stopped by the plod for for running repairs.

  14. If I really wanted to achieve pariah status and be shunned and loathed by society in general, I would just start buggering and battering, small boys.
    Tents are fine, theres nothing pikey about sleeping in a tent, and when you're not using it you can chuck it in your boot/garage, but a giant Tupperware box on wheels is just an abomination.
    The only exception to this is Major Jack "Out of town" Hargreaves and his original Romany caravan.
    Jack rocks!
  15. Stoatie, are you a midget or is Cloggie standing on something???