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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. I'm sick to the core of how decent citizens of this island are treated and then sickened more by the Goventments obsession with looking out for the criminals. Well done David Cameron for genuinely showing your disgust with Mr. Brown and cornering him while throwing a wobbly in the House of Commons. Sir, I will be voting for you.

    This week alone we have endured the poor story of little Baby P, then a 89 year old war hero almost kicked to death in his own home to the point where his features are almost unrecognisable. And a blind elderly gentleman was robbed while collecting for the Poppy Appeal and the list goes on.....

    I want Capital Punishment in this country and I want it NOW.

    Until then I'd like to see criminals of such horrendous crimes tied up, their entire body surface scraped with a blunt rusty Bic disposable and then have them rolled around in salt. That's Monday's punishment.

    What shall we treat these scumbags to on Tuesday, Wednesday etc.? Afterall, they got away lightly on Monday.
  2. Tuesday:

    A day of love making with Mrs Blair.
  3. keel hauling?
  4. Understandable thread but a meaningless one . It'll never be coming back

    " I'm angry frustrated and sad about bleeding heart do gooders in the government . What can I do ? "

    Next time an election comes up whether it's council , national , European write to the candidate you're voting for and tell them why you're voting for them . Write to the ones you're not voting for and tell them why you're not voting for them . If you and enough fellow voters let the b8stards know that they're not getting your vote they'll get the message . Anyone remember the poll tax protests ?

    Even better if you're angry enough stand at a local council election as an independent candidate on an anti crime ticket letting everyone know you're cracking down on street violence

    Much of this comes over as naive but if people just grumble about crime etc and let the bleeding hearts get away with it then what is gonna change ?
  5. I understand what you mean but since nothing is going to change anyway lets' just enjoy some bloody punishment of our own eh? So what's for Tuesday?
  6. Capital punishment by drowning. Did they anesthetise their victims before beating them or killing them?

    Public beatings. Corporal punishment in schools. Return the right for all adults to belt misbehaving kids regardless of whose kids they are. Make children who kill or wound eligible for the same punishment as adults, right up to death.
  7. AAGF


    Public canings as in Singapore.

    Bring back the stocks and publicly humiliate the scrotes (Rotten fruit etc. optional)

    Hold parents 100% responsible for the actions of their offspring.
  8. boiled alive. Put them on a seat in the pot so they cannot drown themselves, fill with water to chest level and then turn on the gas. That will give them time to think about what they did wrong.

  9. stabbed to death with a pin, eaten alive by a solitary ant, given 10 billion paper cuts then doused in lemon juice and rolled in salt...I could warm to this.

    I too support a return to capital punishment, modern forensics can give the necessary proof to convict and then its the usual off to the old Gallows for Chav and his mates...I'm sure Pierrepoint left a handbook with a few pointers!
  10. Just send them to meet my avatar.

    Between 400 to 600 did (depending upon which account you read) and NONE of them committed any further offences or drained the country of tax payers money.
  11. 20mm tube inserted into the scumbags anus, followed by a length of razor wire fed into the said tube, remove the tube leaving the length of razor wire in place.
    Take prisoner up to the top of high building, where a heavy weight is attached to protruding length of razor wire, and then weight is thrown from building.

    Prisoner then either has to leap to his death, or have his guts ripped out by plummeting weight and razor wire combo.
    Either way, good result, ie, dead scumbag, or bleeding to death scumbag, job done.
  12. gren where do you come up with idea's like that
    were you bullied?
  13. wow, its genius.
  14. KISS-Are the gallows still servicable in Devonport???
  15. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    9mm, back of the head, on their knees,NKVD style. Short, sharp and to the point - it gets rid of them quick. Getting rid of them being the point.

    Oh, then chop their heads of and stake them out on the Tower of London.

    Alt - crucifixion, apparently a very unpleasant way to go.