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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sfub, May 10, 2010.

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  1. Of course, we are an untapped source of diplomacy worthy of a seat at the UN

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  2. Don't be daft. We can't agree on anything, and couldn't run a bath let alone acountry

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  1. Seeing as Gordon Brown has sort of resigned from a post he wasn't voted into in the first place, surely with our wide and varied approach to diplomacy, there has got to be a half-decent cabinet amongst the membership. The only question is... who?

    (I know it has probably done before, but then so has everything else on here at some point in some style!)
  2. Ok, we'll have 5 A as Foreign Secretary. He could p1ss off Mother Teresa....
  3. Whet/Sven as Minister of Disinformation and Spin.
  4. Can I put myself forward the head of the Electoral Commision, I will save money by working four days a week rather than just three - the 100k salary plus expenses and pension is not negotiable, especially under PR.

    I will ensure that the guidance that is offered to local councils on how to run polling booths is so vague and confusing as to ensure that no blame will ever come back to me.

    I also have a mate who runs an Organic Brewery and I could get a good deal on some very tasty ale (special rates to the government).
  5. The only cabinet I want in is a BFO drinks cabinet
  6. Schrank?
  7. How about Fallschirmjager as Justice Sec? For his no nonsense approach to matters, and no sitting on the fence.

    And Auld Yin as Pensions Sec, he must have some experience :D

    I know I haven't made many posts, but I've been stalking this site for long enough to know a few of the personalities!

    I won't nominate myself for anything, I dont much fancy the idea of having to listen to other politicians all my life...
  9. I'll be the wets monkey. I'll refrain from my normally unasailable RM hygiene routine and brew up some knob cheese for rimming
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    With clasps on the outside and space for you suited up on the inside? :)
  11. Cuddles - FCO (if he can handle the FB he can handle any johnny foreigner)

    Bigbird - Diversity Commissioner (wimmin need cakes etc)

    Sluggy - Chief Whip (Jesus wept)

    MDN - Department of Education (the kiddies need him back)
  12. Well, they don't get much BFO than a schrank.... circa 1988 when some poor sod got posted back from BAOR and found that it didn't fit in the new quarter...

    As for FSJ as Justice Sec... yeah, good choice.
  13. F'kin deviant :lol:
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Can I be Marshall of the Royal Air Force?

  15. I reckon there'd be a divide pretty rapidly, but it could work in our favour - the Old Gits would be quite happy to form a government together and would be able to run it successfully as long as it included Norgies of rancid tea, the tin with the missing compo sausage, and SLRs... this they can do every day apart from Friday, from 6am to 2pm (the ageing weak bladders mean we - sorry - they, are up at that time anyway, but will be tired and emotional from the hip flasks by 2).

    At that point the youngsters can take over cabinet duties as they'll have risen by then.

    The two component parts of the ARRSE alliance party can communicate via sticky notes on the kitchen table (it works best that way at home with Ms. stapd)

    I vote myself for an Undersecretary position. Any secretary will do, except I won't have Blunkett's sloppy seconds.

    ministerial taxi for one