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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by ravydavygravy, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. Do-able, just makes me want to stamp on faces. Have a conversation or have that conversation arghhhhh
  2. Let's go straight to the fountainhead with no left footing on the way up.......
  3. BOLD 1. The very idea that our current leaders believe there is a requirement for such things as "business cases" to organise military training drives me mental.

    BOLD 2. The same sort of MBA educated leaders that that need an Executive Summary to be labelled "Bottom Line Up Front" also get me agitated.

    This sort of leadership is the sort of rubbish that would make me consider wrapping my hand in, however that sort of language no longer raises my blood pressure because I became a strawberry mivvi for the first time since 1979 two days ago. Yippee, I'm a pensioner.

    So to all you poor, still serving Bill Oddies, good luck for the future, I'll be the gimp in the badly shaped beret, banging out poppies on Remembrance Day.

    Cheers, it's been great and if I was a kid again I'd do it all over again (with a bit less Cold War alcoholism - maybe).
  4. Is that a workable solution to the issues at hand. Negrghaaagh!
  5. BLUF is good. It means that you can get to the point straight away with a "you are kindly requested to". Even more pertinent in the age of brevity where if you can't see the punchline in the outlook viewing pane, don't bother sending the email. I will admit to using "white space" in an SJAR recently. Didn't make it past the first scrub though.

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