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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by ravydavygravy, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. Heard a great one yesterday "we're being front-footed". Meaning (I think) that they were being directed to be proactive and ready, possibly against their wishes to be ill-prepared and reactive. Staggering!
  2. Beware any general or senior officer using the phrase "our people" or "people - our strategic edge". This usually signals that allowances or TACOS are about to take yet another hit.
  3. They should have pushed the needle. But I don't think it's shooting the puppy to be front footed, although it's a big ask sometimes except if what you're doing is just add water.
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  4. Two from civvy street which are currently winding me right up:

    - Learnings. This apparently means lessons. But marks the speaker out as a pretential, intellectually-mediocre ****.

    - Curate. Not, apparently, something which only happens in museums and art galleries. Anything can be curated. For instance you could curate a collation of leaves, and vine fruits. AKA make a salad. Adopted from hipsters. Used by cockwombles.
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  5. Culled from this week's trip to the corporate Death Star in California:

    "forward-leaning leader" - aggressive megalomaniac
    "focused" - barely-functional Asperger's sufferer
    "project realignment" - identifying the guilty bastard responsible for a horrible giant goat **** which has just cost millions of dollars and promoting him
    "diversity emphasis" - if you're a fat black dyke, you've just won First Prize in the Grand Career Stakes. Extra points if you're not utterly useless at your assigned job
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  6. Can I add

    'Ask the Question', 'the Question has been asked' et al.

    Instead of, for example, 'I'll ask the Regt 2ic if we can put in a business case for this training', I get 'I'll ask the question when I next see the 2ic'.

    That and buffoons who actually write BLUF at the top of their e-mails so that you know the opening paragraph is 'Bottom line up front'.
  7. Stamp this out -support JALOOB

    (Joint Agreement for the Limitation Of Outrageous Buzzwords)
  8. Similar to 'Edit' as in 'shop our fashion edit' ie any shop that doesn't have absolutely everything in the entire planet in it.
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  9. Just bumping this because it's so good, for the benefit of anyone like me who wasn't a member in 2002!
  10. I have discovered, thanks to the NHS, that I am not an instructor of Mental Health First Aid, as I thought - I am a 'learning facilitator'.
  11. Truly, your cup runneth over. I expect you to be suitably humbled at such blue sky thinking.
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  12. Is that better paid?

    PS were you facilitating on that Southampton trg course?
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'll have to reflect on that.
  14. Innovation - buy something with absolutely no support plan.

    Spiral development - a precursor to the word innovation. Often used by staff with an MBa that haven't grasped that it is for software development not building prime movers or strategic communications capabilities.

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  15. Mono Relationship Activists use buzz words.
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