ARRSE breaking phone?


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This may be a fluke, but it's happened twice now in exactly the same conditions.

Forum index page loads, gets halfway, freezes, phone freezes..needs a hard reset and the back of the phone being slapped to get it to turn back on. :D

Not saying this is ARRSE but it's only happened on arrse so far, I don't know if it just can't handle the quality content it's reading as it loads up.

Anyone else?
It’s fücked.

Hope this helps.
Phones being broken by arrse is a common problem.

Put phone in back pocket.
Forget it's there.
Plonk arrse down on chair.
Arrse breaks phone.
Could be spyware on your phone, sometimes albeit rarely there seem to be dodgy ads that cause weirdness

I'd run an antivirus scan on your phone, look for any dodgy extensions installed on the browser your using before looking at Arrse for the issue
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