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I've got the ties, the bow tie, the watch strap and wife has the socks. So in the search for that all round ARRSE wardrobe I still need an ARRSE Cummerbund, and ARRSE Cufflinks (I suggest silkknot in ARRSE colours).

The ultimate would be a blazer in ARRSE colours, but I guess that that would be too much to hope for. I have no idea how much it would cost to have a bolt of material made. I've always fancied a blazer in Regt colours, but have never found the material for any Regt I've been in.

Perhaps I should get a tailor to knock up a pair of harlaquin trews in ARRSE colours -
What about ARRSE buttons that could be affixed to a blazer?

I'm not fond of metal buttons on blazers unless they have a specific reason for being metal, but I would consider ARRSE buttons! Perhaps MrPotato Head - they could match the cufflinks. Or simply a pair of shining silver (or gold) buttocks.

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