Arrse biking outing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Anyone of you leather clad biking fellows fancy a weekend of bike racing and alcohol at the French GP at Le Mans w/e 21st May? Going over Portsmouth - Caen Fri, returning Mon ferry cost 100 quid. Track tickets 70 euro. Accom ? tent or Formule 1. Anyone interested??
  2. Doh! Thought this was an offer to ride some arrse maidens :D
  3. Anyone of you leather clad biking fellows fancy a weekend.

    ohhh me thinks you is after more than a w/end on the lash??????????????????
  4. Help yourself buddy..........

  5. Doh. You 4 wheel fellas will never understand.
  6. What about the lush Mary and Mongo and there Five wheels?
  7. Oh dear thought someone was being outed as the Bi-sexual King of Arrse?
  8. harry....where did you get the picture of me missus and kid from? you been stalking me then?????

    shes proper hansome aint she!!!!!
  9. You should of seen it before I photoshopped the 2 ice creams out........priceless

    Nicked the picture from an RMP speed camera :wink:
  10. If you want to ride an ARRSE Midden...............get yourself a date in the chat room. Mangloo will see you alright.