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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. I've noticed that there are a fair few biking sorts on here and I was wondering if an ARRSE Bikers Club would be a good idea. We could meet up at BSB and organise trips out to WSB and MotoGP both in UK and overseas,such as Assen for both MGP and WSB where continental ARRSERS could RV, maybe LE MANS, BRNO, MUGELLO,MONZA etc. Anyone up for it :?: If this has already been thought of, then I apologise for being an ARRSE and could someone point me in the right direction.
  2. Sounds a good idea mate and i'd be up for that. i doubt i could attend all of the events you mentioned due to the fact id have to sell my house in order to provide the fundage for such trips!!

    how about we do an Arrse track day meet at Donington or similar? There are loads at all the tracks country wide and maybe summer 2006 is an option? OR, now im going here anyway, in May/June do an Isle of Man TT meet!

    Good idea tho and hopefully it will generate some interest...............
  3. this is a good idea, but i know its been sort of done before, a club called the patriots and ogri are all ex service but i dont know bout still serving
  4. This definitely sounds a good idea, I like the thought of a trackday in the summer as well. might be able to show off my new paintjob if it's done by then :D
  5. And maybe I will have my licence by the summer
  6. tipping up on a track day with a new paint job might be asking for trouble! especially if those new R&G bobbins fail again!! oooops! :wink:
  7. OGRI membership does include Serving soldiers, and some filth if i'm not mistaken
  8. do I qualify.... if I ride a hairdryer?
  9. I didn't say I'd race round the track did I? I'd go at my own pace. :lol: And if you believe that I've got a farm to sell you on Venus, great views.

    Hopefully you will Liz, are you still looking at getting the pink leather? Or are you going for textile now? :)
  10. If you're interested there is a race series in England that is good fun, and cheap too. See

    There are presently 3 crab teams racing....
  11. What about those of us that are brave enough / big enough to have bikes bigger than 50cc? Can we join in? :lol:
  12. Be a bit of a whitewash :)

    After all

    Big bikes are for those who can't make little bikes go fast :)
  13. Don't forget those who got bored of their little bikes and moved up as soon as they could :)

  14. your indeed correct, especially as the 125's can lap cadwell (and most other tracks) faster than most blokes on superbikes can do on a track day! :cry:
  15. Just confirmed accom for Assen next year. 10 mins from town centre and 15 mins from track, all at 15 Euro per night!. England v Trinidad 4 days before in Koln, staying with mate in Wildenrath so going to be a great week ! COME ON !