Arrse Bargaineers!!!

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Gmonster, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Just thought i would pass on a pretty good bargain, well in my view any way.

    If you go to you can get a brand new Datawrite Voyager 2GB USB Pen Drive for around £21 and delivered free as long as your in the uk. And the USB Key is in the UK and not in some far off place

    Good for carrying around large amounts of data or even swapping data from computer to computer.

    Hopefully one of the MODS will create a sticky entitled "Arrse Web Bargains" and then we can all post good deals that we find on the web or in the high street.

  2. Quality, see! thats what im talking about, come on Arrse Bargaineers!! show us what good deals you can find.

    I need a new Laptop, can anyone out there find a good deal?
  3. Best deal on laptops at the moment is Comet - FUJITSU AMILO PI 1505 online price of £499.99 - £100 off instore price. Loads of very positive reviews all over the net saying its a great laptop at the full price, so must be a belter with £100 off!!!!
  4. Buy a lot of my stuff from:-

    Tells you how much is in stock which is good

    Dont pay for quicker deliveries, stuff usually arrives earlier than expected, i think its an american company (based in UK) so customer service is good, though havnt had to use it yet!

    You can revue items you have bought even if you think it's sh*te, they will still put up the revue!
  5. If you are after bargains this site has software coming out in buckets and very cheap, it markets itself as selling ebook packages but some contain loadz of software packages at real low prices:

    books and software
  6. vicious, man that is sh1te....
    cheesy work from home pap, man, whats goin on?

    hows about this.....

    Any designers/architects out there?

    AutoCad 2007, Full package with standalone license retails at £2600 +VAT, I'll do it for you for £40..........

    if you dont believe me, i'll guarantee your money back.........
  7. I beleive you, and so would FAST im sure? ;)
  8. i'm sure they would, but, you see, its like this, its liquidated stock, anything i make is a mark above zero.......
    something about pipes and smoking springs to mind........ ;oD
  9. after a prismatic compass .. any offers
  10. BOLL0CKS!
    I suppose your other 'bargains' are liquidated stock too?


  11. In that case I take back my wildly innacurate comments. Best of luck getting rid of it, work give me AutoCAD and I made do with VectorWorks before that which is better value for money (unless you can get it for £40).

    However, I'll ask around some contacts for you.
  12. No probs PotYos, some people often take the bull by the b****x rather than the horns..... understandably so.

    Bfg, dont be such a damn critic.....
  13. At a quick glance this one seems better and a £100 cheaper,

    Anyone looking for bargains should check out, I believe that even our own delightful ForcesSweetheart has recomended it somewhere on this forum. Their forums are also pretty handy.

    Also check out Quidco and RPoints for cashback on web purchases.